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Bitcoin needs little or no introduction again in Nigeria, and globally.

It is one if not the most accepted cryptocurrency as a form of exchange and payment in the world.

This definitely has increased the worldwide demand for BTC.

Recently, Crypto owners in Nigeria were hit badly, with unfortunate news by the government.

Accounts got frozen and a lot of bitcoin owners couldn’t gain access to their coins.

This tragedy significantly put a setback in the crypto exchange market in Nigeria.

Now, it seems like there has been a new wave of dark clouds put in the crypto market.

People are seeming to ask similar questions such as;

  • Is Crypto trading still legal in Nigeria?
  • Where Can I Sell My Bitcoins in Nigeria?
  • Most importantly, Would I be provided with a Bitcoin Wallet?

I am here to remove those clouds surrounding bitcoin trading in Nigeria.

Thankfully certain platforms have rebranded, decentralized, and found a way around Buying and selling cryptocurrency legally in Nigeria.

You must have heard about Cardtonic, but let me introduce their new baby, Breet.

What is Breet?

Download Breet: Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria APK - Latest Version

Breet is a modern bitcoin exchange platform in Nigeria.

This is the best bitcoin buyer in Nigeria currently that provides a safe way to sell your bitcoins online instantly.

With a customer inclined conversion, you are sure to get the best bitcoin rates in Nigeria at all times.

An in-app rate calculator, of course, a unique Bitcoin wallet address, and many more exciting features.  

Breet is a subsidiary of Cardiotonic meaning  It would not come as a surprise to you when I say it is an extremely secure platform.

Why Breet?

Breet app

1. Provides A Bitcoin Wallet

Yes, you read that correctly!

Breet provides a Bitcoin address for all its users where they can receive Bitcoin both locally and internationally within seconds.

Once you download and register on Breet, you would be provided with your own distinctive Bitcoin wallet at no cost.

2. Automated Bitcoin Transaction

All bitcoin transactions are carried out automatically. There are no mistakes or delays.

And you are sure to get the right worth of your coin!

3. Easy Accessibility

With Breet, you have the ability to trade on the go.

The platform is available for both IOS and Android devices.

4. Rate Calculator Feature

There is an in-app rate calculator feature across all devices.

This is for our customers to have actual knowledge of the amount they would be getting for their coin at all times.

5. Mouth Watering Rates

This is one of the most important features every Bitcoin owner would be looking for in a platform.

We know this!

Breet has what we call a customer inclined conversion. This means the rates are customer-friendly and very high.

6. Secure Platform

It goes without saying that any platform you sell your bitcoin to should be trusted and secure.

Breet has a centralized security architecture that secures all components and layers within the platform.

Download Breet on IOS  or Android

You can also reach Breet on:

PHONE: +2348090569499



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