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Bluekey is a robust crypto-financial system that seeks to provide individuals access to life-transforming financial services.

It is no longer news that the world is speedily drifting away from the analogue era of bulk and stress into the digital era of ease.

55 years ago, ATM’s weren’t invented and everyone had to queue up in banks and cash-points to withdraw their monies no matter the amounts.

Business transactions that involved huge volumes of cash had to be done with armed escorts from the point of withdrawal to the point of remittance.

Today, however, this isn’t the case anymore as the global financial system has grown to a point where people no longer need to neither handle physical cash nor come in physical contact with traders to buy their commodities, as orders can be created by buyers and fulfilled by traders via mobile devices.

The question is “what is responsible for this transformation”? The answer is simple “the internet”.

Financial Freedom Can’t Come Any Easier Than This

The internet has created multi-millionaires from every single corner of the planet, and only those who know how to use it to their advantage can feast in its unending banquet. But, hang on a second…

That doesn’t sound fair, does it?

Why can’t everyone partake in this banquet?

The problem is, not everyone has access to the same quality of financial information that you have. Not everyone has access to the right tools. Not everyone has access to the right connections.

But, that is about to become a thing of the past.

A group of tech-savvy intellectuals have created a robust financial system called “Bluekey”.

It is being created based on blockchain technology and powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

This financial system seeks to create an avenue that will avail individuals from all locations in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large the opportunity to actively participate in today’s evolving global economy while earning from niches such as forex and cryptocurrency trading that before now had been considered exclusive reserves for professionals.

Introducing “Bluekey” (The Game Changer)

Bluekey platform

Bluekey is a robust crypto-financial system that seeks to provide individuals (especially Africans) access to life-transforming financial services.

It was created by a team of professionals in the fields of financial computing, software engineering, and blockchain development.

The blue key team is headed by a Nigerian billionaire and veteran forex trader called Suanu Nenwi. He has spent the most part of his life lecturing upcoming software engineers and currency traders on global best practices and fail-proof profit strategies.

Suanu Neenwi has been involved with notable cryptocurrency projects in the past, the most recent being the Dexage (decentralized exchange) project. He intends to use Bluekey as a medium to help the wider community leverage on the wealth of knowledge he has acquired over the years.

To do this, Bluekey is deploying a variety of platforms, each tackling the special needs of the wider community.

The team at bluekey through its knowledge and experience in the fields of software engineering and financial trading has created a fail-proof automated trading software. The software has been in development for over 10 years (testing and retesting) and will finally be made available to individuals via the Bluekey platform code-named “Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS)”

With this system in place, Bluekey intends to pay investors a steady 10% weekly profits on their investment, a move which has caught the attention of a variety of banks and financial institutions who at this moment are already leveraging on the Bluekey system for optimum profits before it fully launches to the public.

If you are reading this for the first time, chances are – you are missing out already.

But, don’t get too excited, there is more to this… read on.

Breakdown Of Bluekey’s Crypto-Financial System

Bluekey is deploying a variety of platforms to fuel its project. A breakdown of the various platforms that form Bluekey’s crypto-financial system can be found below:

  • Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS)”
  • Bluekey FOREX Brokerage Service
  • Forex MarketHub
  • Bluekey Coin (BKY)
  • Bluekey Lending
  • Forex & Cryptocurrency Training
  • BluekeyHedge
  • Bluekey e-Market
  • Bluekey Network (investing via subscribers)
  • Bluekey ATM Card
  • Bluekey (FCMB) Payments
  • Bluekey Co-Work Offices
  • Bluekey Exchange
  • Bluekey Mobile Wallets

Bluekey is creating an all-in-one financial system that will put premium financial tools in the hands of the ordinary man. The Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS) was programmed in on the Spotware CALGO Framework and has been tested and proven to provide optimum returns for individuals who wish to earn on the forex and crypto trading niche but cannot due to lack of proper knowledge and inability to purchase expensive premium tools.

The Bluekey automated currency trading software is powered by professional inputs from the Bluekey FOREX MarketHub, the MarketHub is an aggregation of experienced forex traders under Bluekey’s payroll headed by Suanu Nenwi (Bluekey’s CEO).

Furthermore, Bluekey is developing an in-house Forex brokerage platform deployed by The platform will serve Bluekey’s users with a state of the art forex trading experience while providing maximum security for their funds. New investors with little knowledge on Forex and Crypto trading will be trained by Bluekey through its FOREX and Cryptocurrency training platform, either physically in Bluekey’s Port-Harcourt office or online via Facebook, Zoom or Youtube

Bluekey is deploying a lending and personal loans platform that will provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency holders to loan out their holdings and receive profits in the form of interest, while borrowers receive quick personal loans and payback interest within stipulated timeframes.

The Bluekey Coin (BKY)

Bluekey has created its own coin for uniformity and elimination of international currency barriers amongst users in its system. The coin (BKY) is a utility token that powers the bluekey platform by enabling the use of smart contracts and payments for services within the eco-system.

Basic platform fees will be paid using the BKY and as people see the efficiency of Bluekey’s components — widespread adoption is guaranteed, leading to appreciations in the value of the coin. Furthermore, the Bluekey Hedge feature will enable Bluekey to provide staking on its hedging platform, which will serve as a precursor to its proof of stake (POS) in its upcoming Blockchain Project, ensuring sustained growth to the value of the BKY coin and benefiting the coins’ holders on the long run.

The Bluekey eco-system will feature a peer to peer and business to client marketplace where users can rent online stores or purchase items with the BKY coin.

Furthermore, Bluekey is creating ATM cards to make the BKY instantly withdraw-able in fiat at ATM machines nationwide, while enabling payments for services via POS machines. Users can request for their ATM cards on the Bluekey platform.

In addition to Bluekey’s online marketplace where users can rent online e-commerce stores are Bluekey’s physical co-work offices, the work offices are physical office spaces in designated Bluekey locations across Nigeria (soon to be extended to other countries), where users can rent office spaces with state of the art office equipment’s and conducive business environments. Payments for this office spaces are to be made with the BKY coin as well.

Furthermore, Bluekey is partnering with First City Monument Bank (FCMB) to create an agent banking service which is to be provided by CityClyk Bluekey Payment Solutions Ltd. This is geared towards providing banking services to areas with poor banking penetration.

Bluekey’s Exchange and Mobile Wallet

Amongst the array of Bluekey’s futuristic services is an exchange platform that will ensure a smooth exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat money, it will include trading pairs such as BTC/Naira and BKY/Naira.

The exchange platform will serve to ensure maximum liquidity for the BKY coin across local markets in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

To facilitate the use of BKY, The company is deploying mobile wallets for android and ios devices. With the mobile wallets, users can easily transact on the Bluekey platform on the go – make payments, receive payments, send, receive and exchange digital currencies. In the mobile wallets, the value of the Bluekey coin will be displayed in USD and other local currencies for easy conversion during transactions.


Like I said at the beginning of this review, the global financial system is evolving and the informed (mostly in first world nations) are evolving with it while the uninformed (in third world nations) are being left behind. Projects such as Bluekey seek to bridge this gap, by educating and putting premium tools in the hands of the common man.

The future is here. Get involved.


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    what is the Fate of the previous investors before the EFCC scandal


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