Bitworld Center Review: Scam Or Legit? Here Is What You Should Know

Welcome to our Bitworld Center review Bitworld Center has been getting a lot of hype in recent time; words about this income opportunity are making waves all over the internet and it won’t come as a surprise to know that someone has tried pitching this opportunity to you. As a smart investor, you have set out to know more about this opportunity before making any financial commitments. We in our part have gone into judicious research to find out everything there is to know about this platform, and are happy to share our findings with you. Before we proceed, we will like you to be aware of the fact that we are in no way affiliated with Bitworld Center and are under no obligation to promote their services, all the information you find here are firsthand, uncompromised and verifiable. Do have a good read.

Bitworld Center Review: What You Need To Know.

Bitworld Center’s official website holds no information about its ownership and company location, no background information of any sort is made available to its affiliates. This we think is a very questionable development, considering the fact that affiliates of this platform are required to make financial commitments. – They should at least be able to know who is responsible for the safe handling of their funds. Furthermore, the domain name “” was registered on the 2nd of April 2018. To whom it was registered to is unknown since the registration was done privately. Where it was registered cannot be ascertained as well. However, after a bit of underground research, we discovered that a majority of affiliates who promote this opportunity hold claims that a certain Brazilian, named Macio Silver runs the affairs of this company. Further research to find more information on Macio Silvio was unsuccessful, maybe due to language disparities or his obvious inexistence.

Bitworld Center Review: Products on Offer

Bitworld centre has no tangible products on offer and so has no retail activities to generate funds, the only funds coming into this platform are from new members investments – Which should be a cause for worry. However, in a bid to gain credibility, Bitworld Center made some disturbing claims. Firstly, they claim to be making trades for over 70 encrypted currencies worldwide with strategies that guarantee profits. Secondly, they claim to have put together certain technologically advanced trading tools that guarantee profits for its affiliates, these tools they claim are closely monitored by a team of professional traders with extensive experience in the market. The fishy part to these claims lies in the lack of proof that comes with them. Every trader is aware of the fact that trading is a highly volatile affair, it is virtually impossible to guarantee success, let alone predict the precise daily return on investments. – Bitworld Center promises a 300% return on investment, 2.2% to be paid on a daily basis. The fact that their claims are bogus and unfounded, coupled with the lack of retail products show that no genuine profit generating activities are actually being carried out here. The only funds coming in are new members investment. Affiliates are made to promote Bitworld Center’s affiliate membership, with the only selling point being the shady income opportunity it presents. However, to make things look legitimate, Bitworld Center offers them access to a bunch of Cryptocurrency E-books.

Bitworld Center Review: Compensation Plan

There are 2 ways in which affiliates can earn with Bitworld Center:
  • Investments
  • Referrals
Incase you choose to join Bitworld Center, you will be required to invest a minimum of $25 to earn a promised 300% ROI. The investment packages on offer are as follows:
  • Partner — $25
  • Basic — $50
  • Bronze — $99
  • Silver — $249
  • Gold — $499
  • Premium — $999
  • Black — $1999
  • Black II — $6400
  • Black III — $12,800
All investment packages get a 2.2% profit on a daily basis until the promised 300% ROI is met. By my calculations, at the rate of 2.2% daily, it will take an investor 45+ days to break even, and judging from the nature of this platform, breaking even alone is highly probable. The platform might not last long enough for that to happen.
Referral Program
The second way in which you can earn from Bitworld Center is by referring new affiliates into the program, commissions here are calculated through a uni-level system and paid as soon as an affiliate you refer makes an investment. Affiliates earn through 8 levels of downline recruitments. However, you can’t become an affiliate without making your own investment.

What We Think Of Bitworld Center

Bitworld Center claims the ROI it offers is made possible through 24hrs trading and mining but does not provide proof to back this claims. It is glaringly clear that the only funds coming into this platform are from new members investments, which is made possible by old members recruitments. Bitworld Center is clearly a PONZI SCHEME and looks strikingly similar to Bitclubadvantage (a notable Ponzi scheme that recently got bursted). Bitworldcenter is basically a platform where you register, put in some amount of money to gain access to their affiliate platform where you are given the tools to collect other peoples money. Read our full Ponzi review to better understand how these platforms work. Here is a brief synopsis:
  • You register
  • Pay your affiliate membership
  • Armed with your affiliate link, you set out to deceive people into registering
  • And when they do, Bitworld Center takes some of their money and gives you the rest.
  • They are a criminal organization, while you are their minion.
Congrats you are officially a thief! or you can choose to follow our recommendations below,  to earn a decent living.

Our Recommendation

You can either choose to become a thief with Bitworld Center or make legitimate money trading Cryptocurrencies yourself; here is a free trading guide for beginners. APOLOGY “I am deeply sorry for putting ‘Bitworld Center’ in the same sentence as ‘Legit’ in this review’s headline; the true headline is Bitworld Center Review: Huge Scam!” Reference Here are the countries with the largest amount of sheep in this scam platform   Enjoyed reading this, please share the word by hitting on your favourite social media icon below. Thank You.

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  1. Please I need you to help research on a new investment platform. It has been gaining grounds lately. Most especially in Enugu. It looks really legit. They even have terms and conditions on their site. I would be glad if I can get your thoughts.

  2. peter obi…bruh we are both nigerians and i dont get this again..a guy said i should give him 7k and i 2weeks he will give me 14k that his into bitworld investment please call me 07015123xxx to enlighten me abeg

  3. Bitworld has been changed to ilive bit and their purpose is the same…to dupe their victims. Please beware of ilive bit by fred his supposed deputy new scam package


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