Top 5 Bitcoin Trends Expected to Endure Well Past 2020

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Bitcoin trend

These 5 Bitcoin trends have taken hold and are expected to see 2020 out, ushering in a new year for crypto.

As we enter into the final quarter of 2020’s financial year, it’s definitely time to take a hot moment and deep breath.

2020 has been an absolute whirlwind, ushering in a new normal in more places than just the financial sector.

This year has brought with it an enormous amount of change, at such a fast pace it’s been next to impossible to take the time necessary to fully consider your next move.

Felt particularly by investors, FOMO has taken on an entirely new meaning- more than just mere sentiment and worry.

2020 has offered up so many tiny windows of potential opportunity, that it’s almost impossible not to feel that you’ve missed out in some way.

Which is something that has been reflected in the mass adoption seen by exchange sites like Bitvavo, platforms designed to engage investors and help them to better navigate the crypto networks.

DeFi Increasing Accessibility

DeFi, or decentralized finances has further improved the overall accessibility to the crypto sphere for anyone who is interested.

By integrating the functionality of traditional financial institutions into a decentralized network, it means that practices are no longer biased or prohibitory to any population.

Outside of allowing better access to personal control of finances for the general population, DeFi systems have also presented an enticing investment potential for traders.

As the sector grows, better alternatives to existing monetary policy and financial systems will become available to a ubiquitous population, which is a trend that will endure for years to come.

Continued Global Adoption

Another Bitcoin trend is continued global adoption.

As DeFi continues to gain a toehold in the crypto community, global adoption is also soaring.

Despite the obvious “chicken or the egg” scenario, both DeFi systems and global adoption seem to be in a firm upswing.

Favorable adoptive practices and legislative framework for bitcoin and blockchain technologies can be found in some fairly unlikely places.

Gibraltar, Argentina, and Slovenia have been among the most progressive countries to really take hold of favorable crypto regulations.

This might suggest that we will continue to see great things from practices designed to continue to improve access the world over in years to come.

An Alternative to Centralized Cashless Society

2020 may not have premiered the idea of a cashless society, but it indeed solidified it.

Largely in part to the role the novel coronavirus played in chasing stay-at-home measures and preferred payment methods, a cashless society is now more than ever a near-immediate reality- as opposed to just an idea.

When sentiments toward this new paradigm are contentious at best, there is a strong push within the crypto community to offer up a decentralized alternative to the tightly governmentally controlled option that is currently on the table.

As people reel at the thought of providing a chaotic structure with even more finite control of their lives, cryptocurrency offers a much-needed reprieve from the confines of democratic-come-fascist power structures.

Burgeoning Blockchain

Blockchain technologies are an enduring Bitcoin trend within the crypto sphere.

However, 2020 marks the time in which their inherent utility becomes ever more relevant.

While distributed ledger technologies may offer financial, legal, and business sectors a better way to manage funds- charitable networks are also finding a boon with a better way to connect with the needs of their donors.

Blockchain is also offering better choices for security systems as well. Bringing in real-time validation and better network interaction tracking. Making it simple to log each time a network has been accessed and who it was accessed by. 

Aging with Grace

It took the majority of the most lucrative traditional markets decades to shore their relevance as titans of the stock exchange. Where companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google took 30 years or more to really secure their stations.

Retail mega-giants like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy took nearly as long to be able to transform the online business sector into what it is today, normalizing the concept of online retail systems.

From this point of view, it’s nothing short of impressive the impact that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made in such a comparatively short time.

This suggests that so much more is still to come when considering the longevity and usefulness of crypto-related business and technology.


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