Best Bitcoin Faucets – Top 5

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When getting started with bitcoin and cryptocurrency, bitcoin faucets are a very good risk-free way to get started.

Crypto faucets are websites that reward users in cryptocurrency for completing various tasks without having to invest a dime.

You can read more about how a crypto faucet works in this article.

Today, we are going to be discussing the best bitcoin faucets in the year 2018 that reward users in free bitcoin.

Best bitcoin faucets – Overall 5

As faucets only pay out few satoshis per claim, it is best to have a couple at hand.

Bitcoin faucets abound out there but as it is our tradition here, we try our best to bring to you top-notch of everything crypto.

Here in this piece, we discussed the top 5 best bitcoin faucets in 2018.

Here is the list in no particular order;


This, in my opinion, is the most popular and the largest bitcoin faucet available on the web. This faucet has been around for some time now and has established itself as a trustworthy industry leader.

FreeBitcoin only pays out once in an hour but can get up to $200 worth of bitcoin in just one claim. It also awards 2 lottery tickets per claim which can be used in the weekly lottery hosted by the website.

The higher the number of tickets you have the higher your chances of winning something in the lottery.
In addition to these, there is a lifetime referral bonus of 50% of each claim of your valid referrals.

The website also has a very intuitive and interactive interface making it super easy to claim your free bitcoin, even for a novice.

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This is also a very well-known bitcoin faucet.

Here, you can claim your free coins every five minutes and it also runs a referral program to help you make more money on the site.

One reason why people like this faucet is its ease of use. You only have to open the browser, input your bitcoin wallet address, solve the captcha, and click ‘claim’.

Then you can continue to solve the captcha and claim your free bitcoin every five minutes.

Another reason why users love this faucet is that it also operates sister sites for other cryptocurrencies, (moonbitcoincash, moonlitecoin, moondogecoin, and moondash).

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This is among the earliest bitcoin faucets. It has been around and paying its users since 2013 actually, so it’s trustworthy and legit.

The real deal on this website is the combination of the 0.00019mBTC and the referral program.

Using the referral program, you can earn up to a whopping 80% commission on your referrals, though affiliate commissions range between 40% and 80%.

The one setback of this faucet is that you need at least 0.1000mBTC to be able to process pay-out and receive your coins.

So it is advised to make use of the combo to reach that amount in no time.

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This faucet is somehow new but promising and very interesting.

The site avails more than one way to get free coins. This is to say that not only can you claim up to 100,000 satoshis per spin; there are other things you can do on the site to make more money.

You can also watch videos, play games, and complete tasks to minimize time and maximize the amount of BTC that you can earn.

Additionally, Cointiply also offers a 25% lifetime affiliate commission.

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This is a long-running bitcoin faucet favourite to many people.

They have built their reputation on discipline and integrity.

Even when they were behind on payments, they didn’t disappear as most sites do. Instead, they were able to catch up and back pay people.

They pay-out between 22 and 8,659 satoshis every hour.

One more point of reference is the ease of use of this faucet. Once you reach the 80,000 satoshi threshold, you can have your free coins deposited right to your bitcoin wallet address.

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Bitcoin faucets are excellent avenues to get started with bitcoin due to the fact that faucets tend to be risk-free platforms.

Though it could take a while before you can get something tangible from faucets, patience, persistence, and perseverance might be worth it.


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