AWS Mining Review: 7 Secrets (Lies) They Will Never Tell You

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AWS Mining Review

Is AWS Mining a scam platform? Is it Legit? Should I invest my money and time on AWS Mining plans, or should I take them elsewhere?

Mrs Cynthia bought a weight loss product for N35,000 a couple of weeks ago. The product marketers said she will loss 20-40 Lbs (in weight) by the time she finished using their product.

She finished using the product yesterday, and it’s clear that the only thing she has succeeded in losing so far is her N35,000.

Beware of desperate marketers; they will say anything to sell their products.

If only Mrs Cynthia had done a little bit of research, if only she had consulted the opinions of past customers then she would have either saved her N35,000 or bought a genuine product.

AWS Mining sounds Legit; people seem to be making a lot of money out of this opportunity, should I get involved?

Don’t be like Mrs Cynthia, don’t fall for sweet talks, be smart.

We have gone into in-depth research about this opportunity, we have done all the hard work for you and are happy to share our findings in this AWS Mining review, Pay close attention and read to the end, you might not find this information elsewhere.


What does Cryptocurrency mining mean?

Every Cryptocurrency transaction you make is processed by a computer; these computers are owned by individuals like you and me. Their owners primarily dedicate them to perform the task of processing Cryptocurrency transactions, these owners are referred to as ‘miners’.

The computers used in the mining process solve mathematical problems. And as more people use Cryptocurrencies worldwide, these mathematical problems become more complex and require more powerful computers to solve.

These powerful computers are expensive to buy and also expensive to run. The average individual cannot afford them, but large corporations and some rich individuals can. However, that doesn’t stop the average person from having a slice of the Cryptocurrency mining cake.

Since average individuals cannot afford these computers, they can pay these large organizations and business sharks some amount of money to use a portion of their computing power (mining contracts), to earn profits.

However, it is important to note that, Mining Cryptocurrencies has no profit guarantee; it is a very volatile affair and there is literally no way to guarantee a steady profit over a particular period of time. For instance, you can’t promise an individual a steady 20% profit every single month. That is just not possible, either you make more or less.

This brings us to what AWS Mining is all about.

AWS Mining Review – What It Is All About

We are not in any way affiliated with AWS Mining and so are not obligated to promote their services, we will put forth claims made by AWS Mining on their website and other resource materials and at the end express our opinion according to actual facts and findings.

AWS Mining claims to be a technological enterprise that focuses on the world’s Cryptocurrency demands. It claims to offer cloud mining services that anyone can buy and start making profits immediately mining Cryptocurrencies.

It claims to offer secure, continuous and sustainable mining services and its users can choose to mine one or more coins at the same time. It claims its mining computers are spread across three different countries and amount to a total of 19,300 working computers.

According to them, the idea of spreading out their mining farms (a group of computers) across three regions was born out of the need to provide their users with the opportunity to relocate their funds without compromising their profitability.

Intending users are required to create accounts on their website, after which they are to buy crypto mining power (CPM) starting from $40; payment is to be made in Bitcoin.

The amount of profit you make depends on the amount of crypto mining power (CPM) you buy, 1CPM is $400.

Plans start at 0.1CPM which is $40. While the minimum withdrawable amount is $30 (at the time this review was written).

AWS Mining Review – What You Should Know

AWS Mining promises to double your money. The question you should ask is, “How is this possible?”

They claim to have mining farms in three different countries, and your profits will be realised from their mining activities. The farms are said to be in Paraguay, China and Mongolia, meanwhile, their headquarters is in Australia.

Ask yourself this question. “if they have that much mining power, why do they need your money”,  what stops them from mining and keeping all the profits for themselves? Rather than share with multiple investors?

I believe you didn’t learn about AWS Mining on your own, someone must have tried to convince you into investing in their Mining service and being a smart investor, you have set out to know more about them before investing your hard-earned money.

I believe whoever is trying to convince you must have already given you a referral link to register through, right?

Come closer let me explain this to you. See, AWS Mining has a feature that pays you 10% of the investments made by the person you invite. If you decide to register through that link, the person who invited you gets 10% of your money, that’s the primary reason why he/she is trying so hard to make sure you put your money on the line.

It doesn’t end there, AWS Mining also offers residual income through a binary compensation plan, you also earn from the people your people refer.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, I bet you must have been involved or heard of such a scheme in the past, that scheme you heard of, does it still exist today?

Take a look at the following Testimonies from people who claim to have earned from mining with AWS Mining service

Noticed anything peculiar about this testimonies? they all have referral links beneath them, all these people want are referrals, 10% FROM THEIR INVESTMENT AND ADDITIONAL COMMISSION FROM THE PEOPLE THEY INVITE.

I call them PYRAMIDIANS, all they care about is the 10% they stand to gain from your investment and will say all they can to make sure you invest, they don’t care if you lose your money in the end.

They are professional recruiters, will create youtube videos full of lies, buy T-shirts with AWS Mining Logo printed on them and go to any length to ensure you invest and they get their commissions.

And when the bubble eventually burst, they will say “nobody forced you”.

Beware of PYRAMIDIANS, they have taken their activities into the world of Cryptocurrencies and have disguised themselves as Gurus.

AWS Mining Review — The People Behind The Scene

AWS MINING presentation lists the following people as the team behind its scheme.

  • Ivan Alberton –
  • Daniel Beduschi
  • Eric Mu
  • Alexandre Campos –
  • Tiago Kirsten

A quick check on their Facebook profiles reveals that these guys have many known PYRAMIDIANS friends.

Let’s take Daniel Beduschi for instance. This guy was involved in the BBOM and INTERBBOM scam that was recently exposed by, his Facebook profile holds proof.

Further investigation disclosed that Daniel Beduschi is behind the fraudulent MYCOINDEAL Company used to receive the funds invested by dummies in the AWS MINING Scheme.

They are using the MYCOINDEAL INTERMEDIARIES E-SERVICE LTD – EPP company as a façade, with CNPJ 14,523,891/0001-75 which happens to be from a company that no longer exists. CNPJ here means an identification number issued to Brazilian companies by the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

This is a common practice for most scam platforms of Brazilian origin; they use CNPJ’s from old companies that no longer exist. look at the image below, the CNPJ’s being used is from a 2011 company that’s no longer in existence.

Daniel Beduschi Fracasso, Alexandre Santana Campos and Luiz Fabiano Nogueiro all appear as partners of the fraudulent MYCOINDEAL company, and they all happen to be Brazilians.

It is obvious that this whole AWS MINING scheme is operated from Brazil.

AWS Mining Review – The Lies You Never Suspected

We have detected some hidden lies and claims made by the propagators of this scheme, here are a few:


A Fake Virtual Address

AWS MINING operates on the following company details “AWS MINING PTY LTD” with the number ABN 876197077 in Australia, with the following address as their cooperate headquarters Level, 57, MLC center 19 – 29 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

However, the address Level, 57, MLC center 19 – 29 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia belongs to a virtual office company. Virtual offices are commonly used by most pyramid scam schemes. These addresses can appear and disappear anytime.

Another company with the same address can be seen below.

Other addresses present in the site are also virtual addresses, All Fake – Take note.


AWS Mining Review


Claims To Have Been In Operation Since 2016

AWS Mining claims to have been in operation for as far back as 2016, which is a terrible LIE. We checked up the domain on Whois and found out it was registered on the 4th of August 2017, to a certain Sophie Maria Carlsson using a residential address in Sydney Australia


Their fraudulent exchange was registered on the 23rd of June 2017 by AWS MINING PTY LTD, with a residential address also in Sydney, Australia

Mycoindeal is part of the AWS Mining fraud, it was created to receive the money paid by unsuspecting dummies. Since it will be risky to create an account with the name AWS Mining for fear of disclosure they went rather with Mycoindeal. We will talk more about this later on in this AWS Mining review.


AWS Mining False Chinese/Paraguayan Mining Farms

AWS released a video with a bunch of people putting on T-shirts with the AWS Mining fraud Logo in a Bitcoin mining farm located in China.


The farm AWS MINING claimed to be theirs is actually owned by HAOBTC’s – a Chinese mining company.

One of the fake AWS MINING staff in that video is actually a worker from HAOBTC, where the video was made. See him in an interview with HAOBTC.


The reality is these people were paid to wear T-shirts with AWS MINING logos, walk around HAOBTC’S mining farm and make it look like it belongs to AWS MINING.

AWS MINING does not have a Mining farm; it is all a lie intended to buy them cheap credibility.

These people are not regular scammers; they are professionals and have been in the game for years.

Their PYRAMIDIANS are currently circulating a second video which shows a Mining farm in Paraguay.

ALL LIES! There is no real proof of any real mining activities.

In the image below you can see the CMO of HAOBTC “Eric Mu” putting on a T-shirt with the AWS MINING Logo; in that video, he thanked the BRAZILIAN GUEST for their visit.




They probably promised to bring more investors to them — THEY LIED!

Why did he refer to them as GUEST in a mining farm they claim belongs to them?

I tell you what; these guys must have either tricked the unsuspecting Chinese miners into wearing their printed T-shirts or paid them to do so, later I will explain more on in this AWS Mining review.

AWS Mining Review

The Pyramid Scam

In our experience with pyramid schemes, we have noticed that they come with different offers but always have the same features, and AWS Mining is not an exception.

AWS Mining pays 10% commission for direct referrals: this is a common feature in most Pyramid schemes as it has been proven to get dummies to bring in more dummies.

AWS Mining has an acceleration Bonus: another common feature – this is to make dummies invest more money so that they gain more from their package and downlines generations.

AWS Mining has a residual bonus: This feature is always present in pyramid schemes; it ensures dummies pressure their downlines into inviting more dummies.

Like I earlier said, all monies paid into this scam scheme are collected via MYCOINDEAL. Following my research, I found out that MYCOINDEAL has two Brazilian bank accounts, they are:

  • ITAU Bank
  • CNPJ 14,523,891 / 0001-75
  • Agency: 3392
  • Operation: 003
  • Account: 2328-6


  • Federal Savings Bank
  • CNPJ 14,523,891 / 0001 – 75
  • Agency: 3392
  • Operation: 003
  • Account: 2328-6

Feel free to make verifications.

Furthermore, upon a more critical look, you will notice that the backend of both MYCOINDEAL and AWS Mining looks exactly the same. Created by the same fraudsters, with the same theme.

Another common feature with most Pyramid schemes is, they allow multiple accounts. One person can open 100 accounts refer others and get bonuses. No legitimate opportunity will allow multiple accounts. AWS Mining does allow multiple accounts.

Most PYRAMID schemes encourage teams, these teams are led by PYRAMIDIANS and serve to bring in more people with the promise that referrals will be given to them for free, at the end they get no referrals and are faced with reality. They either search for referrals or lose their money.

I guess you must have encountered situations like this, once upon a time?

ALEXA Holds Proof

AWS Mining claim to be an Australian based mining company, I earlier debunked those claims, stating that it is owned and run by Brazilian Fraudsters.

I have provided names and an image of a YouTube video where a certain Chinese Miner thanked his Brazilian visitors, who obviously tricked him and his staff into wearing AWS Mining fraud LOGO printed T-shirts.

However, you might still be in doubt over the authenticity of my claims.

Let’s go to ALEXA for proof.

ALEXA’s data shows clearly that users started flocking to this site in October 2017. However, the site has fake data that shows activities before this period.

The image above represents the source of this traffic. A whopping 33% from Brazil, 10% from Colombia, 9.4% Switzerland, 7.1% from our dearly beloved Nigeria and 6.2% from the united states.

If AWS Mining is an Australian company like they claim to be, where are their Australian clients?

Don’t tell me you believe a company from your country won’t have any traffic from its indigenous population?

AWS Mining Review


AWS Mining is a well planned, well-executed Scam platform. Here you invest in Bitcoin and your profit is calculated in dollars.

They cleverly did not offer any fixed return on investment per package.

You cannot hold them accountable if your package does not yield any returns after a long period of time.

It is more profitable to put your Bitcoin in a wallet and sell when its price appreciates than invest in this scam platform.

There is no real Mining proof; all they have are a bunch of lies.

No proof of mining means, NO MINING!

Funds invested by new dummies are used to pay old dummies; old dummies invite new dummies, to rip them of their money.




Easy money does not exist.

If you are really serious about making money with Cryptocurrencies, then you have to see this, PLUS IT’S FREE!


Enjoyed reading this, please share the word by hitting the social media buttons below, save a soul today. Thank You!


AWS Mining Review


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  1. kristoff

    i started joining this company on June 2018 and up to now i’m still an active member and earnings. I started with 40$ and after a couple of months I get it back. To this date, my total earnings is around 8k$. Thanks to AWS mining company it helps me to change my life for the better.

    I read all your whole articles and I noticed that at the end of this you offer something. Nice strategy for getting your own market. Hope you will succeed.

  2. Dee

    I have invested in AWS and guess I am a happy miner.No scam


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