Adapting API Automation to Your Crypto Trading Strategy

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Building an efficient trading strategy is much more than watching the charts all day.

Unlike investing in any other asset, investing in cryptocurrencies is fresh and exciting. Every trading strategy’s end goal is to give the user a final action of trading, buy/sell a particular number of tradable assets. In this sense, the crypto strategies are no different.

With the right strategy of trading, you stand a much better chance of not only returning your investment but also profiting from it. And in most cases, the ‘right’ strategy implements nothing other than automation.

This article is for every digital currency enthusiast who wants to learn about the API automation, and how it became omnipresent in the financial ecosystem nowadays.

What Is an API?

API, short for application programming interface, is a set of communication protocols, subroutine definitions, and various other tools for building software.

In simplest terms, an API is a messenger that receives the request and tells the system what you want to do, therefore allow software applications to interact with one another. Thanks to the APIs, your computer gives you the desired response.

The application programming interfaces may be designed for an operating system, web-based system, database system, software library, or computer hardware.

One of the examples of adapting an API that you may be familiar with is booking a flight through a website like Expedia. Such websites request entry of dates, departure city, destination city, and the number of passengers. Once you have provided the needed information, to be able to serve you with options, the website searches through the airlane databases that are available. This operation can only be done through APIs that are provided by the airlines themselves.

How Do Traders Use APIs?

The application programming interface used for trading, reasonably, allows the users to communicate with a trading system. This means that in case you are using an API, you will be able to do a direct execution on a specific exchange.

Most of the time, such automation is particularly advantageous for traders who run their own trading systems based on algorithmic models.

Due to their application of algorithmic trading, the APIs are exceptionally popular among proprietary firms and hedge funds. However, this does not mean private investors are excluded from the equation.

As a matter of fact, the majority of independent users are already fully embracing the automation provided by cryptocurrency exchanges and online brokerages.

Today, some of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, BitMex, and Binance, not only offer APIs for trading to their customer base but also allow the users to sync to other crypto trading platform, such as Superorder, to increase their profits.

Trading Cryptocurrencies Through APIs

With the growing number of professional cryptocurrency traders entering the trading scene, the APIs have become a necessity rather than a choice.

The application programming interfaces have become an essential component in the arsenal of every trader, proving the thriving need for automation in the field. The use of algorithmic trading and APIs is yet to increase, as all sophisticated investors are always on the lookout for trading programs that will give them new opportunities to trade smarter and safer.

So, if you are a professional crypto trader who wants to plug into every major exchange, keep reading!

Access Superorder Crypto Terminal

superorder trading bot

Superorder is a powerful yet very simple cryptocurrency trading terminal. The platform executes orders when the conditions that are specified are met and allow you to trade on multiple exchanges from a single place. The preliminary steps of this trading platform are a no-brainer as it will not take you more than five minutes to have everything set up.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Sign up at the Official Website

To be able to sign up, you should first visit the official website and join the party. Just enter your email, name, and password to get access. Consequently, you should open your account settings and link exchanges you want to take part in creating secret combinations. As of now, Superorder collaborates with three major exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, and BitMex.

Connect the Platform and the Crypto Exchange

To link your exchange accounts, just follow a few simple steps.

  1. Log in and open the settings page.
  2. Locate the section with API preferences.
  3. Create API keys with Reading and Trading permissions.
  4. Copy and paste the keys to Superorder.
  5. Enjoy!

Your funds are safe, as the terminal does not require withdrawal permissions.

Final Words

As we are on our way of cryptocurrency markets becoming a significant part of the established global financial markets, the secure trading APIs are on their rise.

Although they currently play a small part in the world’s leading economies, they are currently a fundamental part of the trading processes.

Automation and integration are the keys, and if you are heavily involved in the crypto asset trading, they are the last thing you want to miss on to.



    Please can this API work on luno?

    • Jude Umeano

      Yes, Luno has an API that users can use to trade on Luno through a third party


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