Gold Backed Crypto Exchange Offers Safe Haven for Crypto Investors

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GOLD.IO seeks to develop decentralized and self-regulating community exchange

Turbulence in the global markets is nothing new but the cryptocurrency community has faced an unprecedented 18-month period of flux.

The need for a fully decentralized, stable, self-regulated, and community-led exchange that can offer investor confidence amidst a chaotic global economy has never been stronger.

Setting the Gold Standard with Crypto’s Founding Principles

With a scalable inter-blockchain and decentralized exchange, the GOLD.IO platform is not only self-regulated and led by its stakeholders, but asset linked–offering exchange investors unrivaled portfolio security.

Gold has always set the market standard and has benchmarked traditional finance for centuries, so why should the cryptocurrency market be any different?

As a commodity, it has weathered many a financial storm and continues to do so today.

Aside from a little price volatility, it has consistently retained its market value, and with an unstable geopolitical, crypto-economic outlook the precious metal can provide a safe port for crypto assets.

In short, a gold-linked and backed exchange offers not only security of your assets but also peace of mind – the world has been through tougher times than we face today, but gold has always survived the course.

GOLD.IO – Providing a Defensive Asset Protection to your Investments.

With a team of over 30 experienced developers, GOLD.IO has simply put a sister chain of the EOS Project.

This has the mission of creating a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) of smooth inter-block communications. It not only eliminates persistent market influences but has the unique benefit of being backed by a commodity asset class.

Combining the proven power of gold as well as a growing community that is not only self-regulated but also stakeholder-led, GOLD.IO is also seeking to develop a full-fledged Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) based on the founding principles of the blockchain.

The DAC will serve as regulatory oversight of the exchange with all stakeholders enjoying full voting rights, a say over project development, and more importantly, the ability to define their profits.

Gold Backed Tokenomics Offers Trading Efficiency and High Liquidity.

With global stock volatility at best and a downward trajectory at worse – according to Goldman Sachs, the markets are gripped with a fear of what may come in the coming year, a gold-linked exchange, with inherently high liquidity can part-mitigate investor risk.

With no independent or fair exchange yet to provide what GOLD.IO can, the benefits of the platform as a market leader are clear but the real magic comes with the EOS.IO blockchain system itself.

It eliminates third-party manipulation and offers a unique architecture to ensure users remain the custodian of their gold.

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