Is It Safe To Invest In The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is instant, secluded, and free from bank fees.

Bitcoin is just like any other high-risk investment when it comes to its practical usage.

This means that whether investing in it or not is decided by your risk lenience and investment ideas.

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There are thousands of people all around the globe concerned about the disadvantages of Bitcoins but with all the disadvantages comes a huge number of advantages too.

These advantages and disadvantages will guide you all in making a well-versed decision on whether or not to spend on Bitcoin. 

Before investing in any cryptocurrency, you all have the right to know everything about it.

Bitcoin is the world’s very first decentralized cryptocurrency that is peer-to-peer.

This digital currency is considered a revolution in the present time’s currency and finance market.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by an anonymous programmer, today known as Satoshi Nakomoto.

This virtual currency is based on blockchain technology. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bitcoin

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of investing in Bitcoin.  


  1. Potential for high profits. 
  2. Security and Protection from payment frauds. 
  3. Instant settlement and global transactions.  
  4. Diversification and better liquidity. 


  1. High instability and potential for large losses. 
  2. Black market activity. 
  3. Uncontrolled and uncollateralized and easy cyber hacking.
  4. No refund. 

Detailed Explanation of Advantages

The following are some of the most significant advantages of using Bitcoin. 

●      No-Third Party Confiscation 

Since there are multiple terminated copies of the transactions database, no one will be able to seize bitcoins.

The most opponents or hackers can do is force the users some other ways to send Bitcoin to other people.

This clarifies that the governmental authorities cannot freeze anyone’s wealth and so the users of Bitcoins will have full liberty to do whatever they want with their money. 

●        No Taxation System

In Bitcoin investment, there is no way for third parties to interrupt transactions, and hence there is no practical way to force a Bitcoin taxation system.

The only possible way to pay tax money is if someone willingly sends some percentage of the amount being sent as a tax. 

●        No Tracking of Transactions

No one can track the transactions unless users expose their wallet addresses widely.

Other than the owner of wallets, no one else can know the amount of bitcoin they own.

Even if the address of the wallet was publicly exposed, a new wallet address can be easily created.

This increases privacy and security when compared to the usual fiat currencies. 

●        No Transaction Fees

The users of Bitcoin should keep clients in operation and be linked to all other nodes to send and receive Bitcoins.

Significantly, by using bitcoins the users will be playing their part in the Bitcoin network and so they are sharing the burden of authorization transactions.

Sharing this work highly decreases transaction fees and so makes the transactions almost free of cost. 

●        Bitcoins Are The Safest

The address of the owner of Bitcoin can only be altered by the owner.

This way no one can ever steal Bitcoins unless they have access to the user’s PC and the access needs to be physical to send the bitcoins to their computers.

Contrasting to the usual currency system, where only a few details are required for verification to receive access to all finances, this digital currency system needs proper physical access that makes it even harder to steal. 

Detailed Explanation of Disadvantages

Just like any other currency, there are cons associated with Bitcoin too. 

●        Global Acceptance

Bitcoins are not widely accepted. Only a small group of supporters and followers accepted it.

This made it impractical to fully depend on Bitcoins as a currency.

There is also a prospect that governmental authorities might also force traders to not use Bitcoins to make sure that the users’ transactions can be traced. 

●        Loss of Wallets

The wallets are of two types: cold and hot storage wallets.

If a hard drive crashes or a virus invades in and corrupts data and information, the entire wallet fire is corrupted.

When a wallet file corrupts, the bitcoins are officially lost and nothing can be done to recover them.

This can bankrupt a wealthy owner of bitcoin within no time. 

●        No Valuation Assurance

Bitcoins have no central authority governing and so no one can guarantee its minimum valuation.

If a huge group of traders decides to give up on bitcoins and leave the system, its worth will decrease greatly. 


The centralized nature of bitcoins is sometimes a blessing but can also be a real curse if not managed properly.

Bitcoin is the first international currency that protects its user’s rights and it does not have any geographical limitations.

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