Tap-to-Earn Mania: Can These Games Really Pay You?

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The hottest trend in crypto right now seems to revolve around Tap-to-Earn games.

These games allow users to collect in-game tokens by simply tapping on their phones with promises of a future airdrop.

But with the market already saturated by these projects, all promising an airdrop, the question remains: are they just a waste of time, or will they actually pay you handsomely?

In this review, we’ll dive deep into the world of Tap-to-Earn, explore some popular projects, and ultimately answer the question – are they worth your time?

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What Is Tap-To-Earn And How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, Tap-to-Earn games allow players to potentially earn cryptocurrency by performing simple actions on their phones, like tapping or swiping the screen.

These games are usually integrated into the Telegram messaging app.

By repeatedly tapping or swiping on the screen, players collect in-game tokens specific to that game.

It is worth noting that the value of these tokens is uncertain until they are launched on the market or cryptocurrency exchange.

However, the catch is that many Tap-to-Earn projects promise to launch their token and distribute these tokens to players in the future through an airdrop.

Notcoin is the first Tap-to-Earn project and it delivered on its promises, rewarding players handsomely with its token.

With Notcoin’s success, a multitude of Tap-to-Earn projects are popping up. Let’s take a look at the top 8 Tap-to-Earn projects that are gaining significant attention.

Top 8 Tap-To-Earn Projects

1. Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, a Tap-to-Earn project on TON

Hamster Kombat is a Tap-to-Earn game similar to Notcoin.

This game played on Telegram amassed over 60 million users in the space of 4 months, surpassing Notcoin’s user base of 6 million+ players. A huge milestone!

Players collect in-game tokens through various methods like tapping, referrals, mining and completing daily quest

The game promises future airdrops of its token ($HMSTR) in exchange for these tokens collected and has announced it will launch on the TON network.

According to the game’s roadmap, the $HMSTR Token Generation Event (TGE) is planned for July 2024.

2. MemeFi

MemeFi, a Tap-to-Earn project on TON

MemeFi adds a twist to the Tap-to-Earn concept!

In this game, players collect in-game tokens by tapping the screen to defeat quirky meme enemies.

The game features multiple levels (up to 11) where players progress by depleting the life force of these meme enemies.

Each tap weakens the enemy, and the number of taps required depends on the current level.

The more you level up, the more coins you earn per tap. This incentivizes players to progress and potentially earn more rewards.

MemeFi is played by over 3 million users. Interestingly, it plans to distribute 90% of its token supply to players during its TGE.

3. Truecoin

Truecoin,  a Tap-to-Earn project on TON

Unlike the former, Truecoin utilizes a spinning mechanic.

Players tap the “SPIN” button to spin a virtual wheel and try to match three identical in-game objects to collect in-game tokens.

Each object carries a specific reward; the better the match, the more coins you earn.

New players start with 50 spins, and this limit increases daily. Spins also refill every 6 hours after being used.

Truecoin encourages social engagement: you can earn extra spins and coins for inviting friends to the game.

For those who want to automate the process, Truecoin offers an “auto spin” option through an in-game “status card” purchase. The lowest tier card costs around $10.

Truecoin boasts some big names backing the project, including SoftSwiss, Polygon Studios, and Waterdrip Capital. This can raise expectations for the game’s future potential.

According to Dune Analytics data, Truecoin has over 900,000 users who have participated in the spinning and collectively “mined” over 3 billion Truecoin’s tokens.

4. Blum


Blum is a hybrid exchange, offering universal token access through gamification within a Telegram mini-app

This mini-app lets you play engaging games and participate in a daily “FARM” activity to collect tokens.

In addition, Blum offers social tasks that are easy to complete and help you rake in even more Blum coins.

Blum’s success is further bolstered by its selection for the prestigious MVB Season 7 Accelerator Program from Binance.

This backing from a major player in the crypto world indicates a promising future for Blum.

5. Yescoin


Yescoin injects a fun twist into the Tap-to-Earn space.

Built on the TON blockchain, Yescoin lets players collect in-game tokens simply by swiping their phone screens.

Beyond the core swiping mechanic, Yescoin offers additional earning opportunities through its “Earn” menu.

Here, players can collect even more tokens from  “Learn to Get YesBox” to claim daily Yescoin tokens, or by completing social tasks.

Furthermore, players are rewarded with a hefty 1 million tokens for every friend they invite to the game.

Don’t feel like swiping all day? Yescoin offers a “YesPac” purchase option within its “Boost” menu.

This “YesPac” unlocks an automated bot that tirelessly collects tokens on your behalf, letting you rake in even more coins.

Integrated directly into Telegram, Yescoin boasts a massive player base of more than 11 million, making it a top potentially rewarding venture for those looking to explore the Tap-to-Earn space.

6. TapSwap


TapSwap lets you collect TAPS tokens simply by tapping your phone screen.

Originally, it was announced to launch on the Solana blockchain, but later announced a switch to launch on the TON blockchain

Just like other Tap-to-Earn projects, TapSwap offers ways to boost your earnings: complete tasks, purchase in-game aids, or even unlock helpful bots.

The game features 11 progressive levels, keeping you engaged as you climb the ranks.

The TAPS token boasts a total supply of 1 billion, with a community-centric approach!

A whopping 50% of the tokens are allocated to players, making it a project driven by its user base.

TapSwap boasts an impressive global community of over 15 million players, creating a buzz around the game.

7. Dotcoin

Dotcoin, a Tap-to-Earn project on TON

Dotcoin lets you collect its in-game currency, DOT, directly within the Telegram app.

Just tap the dot on your screen and your rewards pile up.

In addition to just tapping, Dotcoin offers optional in-app purchases like “Multitap” and “Daily Attempts” to increase your tapping efficiency.

The “Game X2” feature lets you potentially double your tapping points and earn even more tokens.

Dotcoin goes beyond just tapping! Players can also earn tokens by inviting friends and completing social tasks found in the dedicated “Earn” section.

8. PocketFi


PocketFi integrates decentralized finance (DeFi) with its Telegram mini-app, the Tap-to-Earn bot.

As a DeFi application, PocketFi allows users to seamlessly swap tokens across different blockchains without leaving Telegram.

It also functions as a built-in wallet within the app, enabling easy deposits of cryptocurrencies for swapping.

Additionally, PocketFi features a Tap-to-Earn mechanic, allowing users to mine its native token, SWITCH.

The project plans to distribute 51% of SWITCH tokens through this mining process, automatically mining one SWITCH token every hour.

Users can boost their mining performance by engaging in activities such as swaps on the TON network, EVM network, and Ethereum mainnet, among others listed in the project’s “About” section.

This means that you must claim mined SWITCH within this timeframe to avoid losing them.

So, here are the top 8 Tap-to-Earn projects! While there are many other similar projects, these 8 are the most talked about.

But the most important question remains: Are Tap-to-Earn games worth your time? Let’s discuss below

Can Tap-To-Earn Games Really Pay You?

Let’s be honest: Whether Tap-to-Earn games are worth your time or can realistically make you enough money is uncertain.

But when you consider Notcoin’s success, it’s hard not to get excited about every project in the Tap-to-Earn space.

Notcoin’s surge in value (over 370% as of June 8, 2024, according to CoinMarketCap, and a listing on Binance) is undeniably impressive.

However, as the old saying goes: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Most Tap-to-Earn projects may not see such significant gains, and some might even be scams.

Here’s what to consider before diving into Tap-to-Earn:

  • Research the project: Look for information about the project’s backing and funds raised. If the project lacks solid financial backing or investors, it’s unlikely to perform well. Also, study the project’s team. If they lack clarity about the project’s development or include questionable game mechanics, it might be a red flag.
  • Airdrop Dilution: Study the project’s stage and potential market saturation. A large community base is a positive sign, but it can also dilute the value of airdropped tokens, especially for projects with a large token supply and little financial backing. Let’s say a project with 1 billion tokens allocates 30% (300 million) for an airdrop to a community of 6 million users. This large user base could significantly impact the value of each airdropped token, unless the token has a high initial listing price and strong financial backing.
  • Watch Out for FOMO Projects: Tap-to-Earn is a hot topic in crypto right now. As a result, many projects spring up only to capitalize on the hype without a clear long-term vision. Undefined roadmaps or an overemphasis on short-term gains might indicate a project is simply riding the wave.
  • Manage Your Expectation: As the saying goes, “Expectation is the mother of disappointment”. Don’t get caught up solely in the potential for quick money.

While airdrops might be a bonus, it’s better to approach these games as a fun way to explore the world of crypto and the blockchain technology.

Let’s conclude!


Tap-to-Earn games go beyond just potential earnings.

They offer a fun and accessible way for millions to be introduced to cryptocurrency through a familiar, mainstream activity (like playing a game).

Interestingly, this onboarding effect could have a significant impact on the future of crypto adoption.

So, what do you think? Are Tap-to-Earn games a fun way to explore crypto, or is the hype a little overblown?

Are you tapping for the fun, the money, or the tech?

Also, did I miss any interesting projects on this list? Share your thoughts and your favorite Tap-to-Earn game in the comments below!

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