SCAM ALERT!!! THE BILLION COIN (TBC) – Exposing the Scam

If you are reading this to find out if TBC (The Billion Coin) is a Scam or legit, be rest assured your question will be fully answered.

I heard about TBC in 2016 about two months after it was launched. Since then I have reviewed and followed it to this recent 2020 update

The truth is that The Billion Coin (TBC) is a scam. Sorry if I hurt your feeling in the beginning by being so blunt. However, I will present all the facts so that you can judge for yourself.

Let’s Dive right in.

How I Learnt about TBC

I heard about The Billion Coin (TBC) in 2016 when a friend of mine who went for a seminar (here in Nigeria) told me about it.

I lent him N10,000 to buy 3 TBC. The price of 1 TBC then was about N3,000 ~ $8.

I did not buy because I could not understand how this Cryptocurrency could continuously increase in price for no reason. Unlike other currency, its value is not determined by supply and demand.

Back to my friend,

It’s about 4 years now and he is still stuck with the coin. Even though it’s stated on the official TBC website that 1TBC = 105BTC, my friend has not found a way to exchange it for any other crypto coin, fiat money, goods or service.

He is a millionaire but only on the TBC website.

The above should be enough info on the legitimacy of the TBC. However, I want to dig deeper… in this order.

  1. What is TBC?
  2. TBC official websites
  3. How does it work?
  4. The Billion Coin Exchanges
  5. TBC Admin Fee Scam
  6. The Billion Coin in Uganda
  7. FAQ
  8. Conclusion

You can click on any of the subject above to go straight to the section

1. What is TBC?

The Billion Coin Review

This is a cryptocurrency that was created to allegedly end poverty globally and bring a sort of balance between the poor and the rich.

It was launched with an initial price of 0.001 Euros per TBC in March 2016.

The Creators are not known, the only names tagged to it is an unknown Kris Kringle who is the admin.

“Kringle” is the smallest Unit of TBC such as the cent is to dollar and Satoshi to Bitcoin.

The coin is said to be decentralized, but it has been reported that members accounts have been indiscriminately suspended.

The 24 mins video below from the official website says more about the untrue claims.

2. What are the official websites of The Billion Coin?

The Billion Coin has about six official websites.

  • thebillioncoin.INFO

Note that these sites are not secure while some no longer work.

3. How Does it Work (Principle of The Billion Coin)

The Billion coin uses a software formula that measures the growth of its verified members and hence compensates the growth adequately.

What this simply does is to multiply the total number of verified users by 1 Euro.

let’s say the number of verifies users = 1 million.

Thus, the price of 1 TBC = 1 million X 1 Euro = 1 million Euros

It is also stated that the price of TBC grows by 1% – 5% daily.

The logic above is clearly devoid of market forces and defies any financial logic.

The question is who formulated it and why are people buying into the idea?

4.The Billion Coin Exchanges


Yeah, None…

There is no exchange anywhere for TBC. Even though TBC is alleged to be worth 105BTC, if you have it, you are stuck with it. Which logically place the true value at zero.

It is not listed on Coin Market Cap or world Coin Index.

The only ways to exchange your TBC is to lure someone else to the scam and directly sell the coin to him/her.

5.The Billion Coin Admin Fee Scam

One of TBC’s claim is to make a billion people millionaires but it seems, in reality, its mission is to scam a billion people.

Beside selling worthless coins to unsuspecting individuals especially in developing countries. The TBC admin devised more way to cash in on members.

One of the ways is the locking of members coins. They promised members that TBC will soon hit the exchange. Thus $10 admin fee in BTC is required to unlock the coins.

Your guess is correct… lots of persons paid the fee…. Yes, their coins were unlocked… Yes, the exchange promises was a lie.

The question is; why did these persons pay? Why didn’t they ask why they have to pay in BTC and not TBC?

6. The Billion Coin in Uganda

The Billion coin in its inception was popular in Nigeria and Philippines majorly because of its population and recession at the time. Its next big market was Uganda.

In Uganda,

  • They claimed to have an investment scheme where members can get a monthly return. Then encourage members to invite their friends to earn more.
  • To receive your return on investment, you will have to create a TBC wallet and Pay admin fees. Member did this but did not get paid
  • …But they were not done scamming members… they told members that they have started a new project in Gold mining…. That members have to pay for the project to recover all their fund.

The truth is that if you don’t count your losses and walk away, TBC Admins will find more ways to scam you.

They often cite Nigeria as a success case. That there are stores that accept TBC in Nigeria for the exchange of goods and service.

I am in Nigeria, and I can tell you that it is a big lie. Nigerians that fell for TBC scammed have counted their losses and moved on.

7. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the current price of TBC?

The true current Price of TBC is $0. It is worthless

List of Stores that accepts TBC

No store accepts TBC. Those who claim to have spent TBC in stores are lying, they cannot provide proof.

Is TBC a scam?

I believe that you know the answer to this question by Now.
TBC – The Billion Coin is a scam keep off, if you are already involved, do not pay more money to the admin.

I believe you know the principle of demand and supply, i.e when the demand for a commodity goes high it is only natural that its price goes high too.
TBC goes high irrespective of the demand. It only cares about people registering and tries to enforce its membership agreement on people. That is extortion. Please be guided, do not fall a victim to this.

Also, the admin is in charges of your worthless TBC, they can take it away from you at any time.  At the end of this whole thing, Kringle (the admins) is the only one in profit.
I believe most people that hold TBC know deep down inside know that TBC is one big scam although they pray and hope it magically becomes valuable.

How do I identify a Scam Coin?

Check out for the following:
– Is the coin being centralized?
– Does the coin pay return to its investors?
– Does the coin depend on investors for it to be sustained?
– Finally, do they keep begging you to join? Buy? Keep to rules?

If the answer to the above is yes, then you should find a better thing to do with that little cash of yours or better still help the less privileged with it.

It is also worthy to note that TBC is not listed in where all cryptocurrencies are listed.
Also, it is not traded on any cryptocurrency trading platform like Binance, Luno or Quidax.

8. My Conclusion on The Billion Coin

That brings us to the end of the review,

What’s your thought on TBC,

Did you fall prey or do you intent buying it?

Maybe you have a question or contribution.

Let me know right away in the comment section.


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118 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT!!! THE BILLION COIN (TBC) – Exposing the Scam”

  1. Guess what, tbc will b xchangable march 2020
    and mind u i have bought things with my tbc, and am still buying if u want to knw how it goes, u can send me an sms 08163034313. no calls pls

    • You know that is not true. I am sure that by March 2020 you will say it will be November 2020. This is not the first time.
      However, I will be happy to see it hit the exchange. Give me a link to the telegram group

  2. once a tbc user becomes a community within the tbc. if anyone believes that tbc does not exist, that means you are an outsider and leave your own way. tbc community respects you. but will you respect the other way around? its like a chicken that gives a familiar sound but that sound is always the same comment. better build your own community that believes only in scams, or the non-believer community.

  3. About

    Nancy Kringle Zone is aimed at reaching 1m tbc users world wide in need of tbc to btc exchange.

    Start up capital for this project is 395.37660731 BTC

    Our platform is managed by a team of highly sophisticated back end web developers and Stock market analysts.

    Knowing that tbc is abundance based coin, there are so many tbcians out there waiting to exchange,

    in other to avoid a crash in the systemmembers who exchange are required to continue

    so as to maintain circulation of funds.

    In the 2nd phase of our exchange we shall introduce our online store, casino and sports betting with tbc,

    this way members will stay active on the platform and continue to invest,

    this brings about traffic, and paves way for advertisement and affiliate marketing.


    1. Tester: Access Fee: $50btc
    |Exchange: $150tbc| daily payout $10| R
    duration 15days

    2. Standard: Access Fee: $100btc
    |Exchange: $300tbc| daily payout $10|
    duration 30days

    3. Premium: Access Fee: $200btc
    |Exchange:$600tbc| daily payout $50|
    duration 12 days

    4. Elites: Access Fee: $500btc
    |Exchange: $1000| daily payout $200|
    duration 5 days

  4. I thought Mr. Tracy Davison is a digital Robinhood… 🙂 He scammed some poeple to fund his TBC Admin wallet…peace its a joke

    You all deserve to know the whole truth.

    This American man’s name is Tracy Davison, the founder and the mastermind of TBC cryptocurrency, the worst cryptocurrency scam.

    He was involved in terrible frauds and pyramids such as World Debt Paid, Zeek Rewards, Pinoy recruiters and more where he promised to make investors ’60 Second Millionaires’ but cheated them all and fled.

    What did he and Dan Lutz do with the $10 he was collecting from the TBC community? Where is the bank and new ledger he promised? What computer system did he use to mine or bot the fake TBC blockchain.

    Wake up people. Keep your sanity, money and heart.

    Once again. This is Tracy Davison, the admin of TBC, stay away from him. Spread the word.

  6. This Patrick and his team or company are a true SCAM, they will ask you to pay 7k for registration for TBC to Naira exchange and another 5:7k for insurance, they claim 100kringle to exchange for 280k and will pay into your bank account 140k first and then get a part of the 140k before proceeding to transfer your 100 Kringle. They have collected your money already and not going to credit your Bank account.
    TBC scamming organization.

  7. than you for the info. i supposed to buy TBC from a friend. now i have read this. oh my god, thank you for saving my hard earned money. its just helpful i tried to research first before giving out my money. thank you thank you. i was enlightened now how TBC works and im not impressed at all. just because its all about scamming out someone to get back the money.

  8. LEGIT GLOBAL TBC Wishes to announce to the public that we accept 100% shopping with TBC, Exchange your TBC to cash, and convert your TBC to BTC you can reach us for the exchange on 09030273122 our office is located at no8 adeleke street off Allen avenue lkeja,Lagos, this is the time you all tbcians has been waiting for we assure you 100%safety

  9. Am happy to be a member of TBC


    Greetings and welcome! TBC/Kringle is a private digital currency embraced by The Billion Coin community. Per our private agreement, TBC/Kringle has a significant value today and will only increase in value with each new member that joins us by one grain of gold. TBC/Kringle is completely detached from the public coin market and the currently established, scarcity-based monetary system forced upon us by the “elite” ruling class whose agenda is enslavement and control of the world’s population. TBC/Kringle is based on abundance, not on artificial scarcity. Those who choose to join the TBC community understand the TBC vision and mission of reaching a billion members and ending poverty globally. They also understand that in order to achieve our objectives our members must be proactive in learning from our educational blog and sharing TBC/Kringle via our Kringle Fast Start System. Together we can achieve abundance for all!

    If you have further questions about TBC, please visit the TBC blog and review: TBC Purpose, Mission Statement, and TBC Disclaimer to get more education on what the first abundance-based cryptocurrency is really all about. Also, please be sure to read the TBC Public Notice. Once you are ready to get started

    ​Welcome to The Billion Coin community!
    TBC Purpose
    The purpose of TBC is to QUICKLY gather and organize a Billion people and fund them all to properly stand up both individually and collectively against the evil agendas of the Super Wealthy Elite! To End Poverty Worldwide. By Creating Billionaire, and Millionaire within our Private Community.

  10. Right now, I trade with TBC even right here in Nigeria. I buy food stuff, electronics and other goods. Even bought my dstv with it and subscribe with it also. Not only that, I have a TBC transaction card to be launched on Thursday. With the card, I can order goods from other countries and make an exchange of about $500 to$1000 dollar after Thursday’s launch. That’s my contact 09021270436 for more info.

  11. Why would you invest in asset which you perfectly you know you can’t withdraw, either one you are been paid to advertise the Ponzi scheme, ripping innocent poor Africans of their hard earned income , I have been in this business for years , every legit cryptocurrency should have atomic swaps, to be traded in the open market for any other asset which holds value , people like you should be facing 50 years of jail time, very dangerous , I don’t blame you , I blame the weak regulatory frameworks we have in Ghana and Nigeria, giving bad actors the chance to infiltrate the system, duping people billions of dollars

  12. The Elite has used the concept of demand and supply to rob the poor and the needy to enrich themselves. And they will continue because they have been filled with the spirit of greed and cruelty. these same people runs dubious and blindfolded education to the people and brainwash them that poverty is natural, but i tell you that those who wants the downfall of the{THE BILLION COIN} are the people believe in the concept of demand and supply.

  13. I need someone to give me some tbc to my wallet NDVM2T-42IJZC-EYQYIV-CGI225-JFN37J-A52SAF-K7KV so I can watch it grow to know how it works my number is 09054451196 .

  14. I bought Bitcoin already since 26 January 2017,I went there to check it but have been blocked,I bought it from 004 nd want to change it to 009.How am I suppose to do it so I can see it. Here is my watsapp number(08028129378)pls

  15. Jude, I strongly believe in your argument, and to settle the whole issue and prove you wrong by all those going against your facts…I have 1TBC for sale, here and now, those doubting Jude, can comfortably come and buy from me, if you people so much believe in TBC as against what Jude warns…contact me on +2347038815312 to buy the TBC and Jude will be practically proven wrong…i hate blind arguments

    • I need someone to give me some tbc to my wallet NDVM2T-42IJZC-EYQYIV-CGI225-JFN37J-A52SAF-K7KV so I can watch it grow to know how it works

  16. You so sounds ignorant about life, if I may ask do u know btc creator? Let me tell u one thing u are yet to well understood, every thing about life is a risk, every investment in this world fiscal or digitally have a risk, is better dat I tried and failed than never try and regret for life, show me a poor man who haven’t loss a kobo, then I ll show u a wealthy man who have lost millions of naira/dollars, btc was someone’s idea dat there could be a digital currency to also serves as fiscal money and dat it could be allow by de public to decide its Value and it worked as planned, so also TBC is another persons idea dat there could be a community currency which its community growth have to decide its value and it is working perfectly for them, u claim no one Can sell TBC and I want to ask who told u dat? How can u be In ur house and confirm and conclude what is happening in another persons family? TBC is design to work p2p and people have been selling there TBC since launch, if there’s a way I can screen short and upload my TBC transactions now I would have do dat immediately for u to know dat people are still and ll continuing selling their TBC p2p, TBC do not need to be on any exchange to generate its value, let me tell guys, btc was created with good intention for mankind but along the line, some evil elites have hijacked its market and they are fully in charge now, I believe as a good reviewer as u claimed about crypto you are yet to know or confirm dat, this evil act is what u can’t see in TBC community because there’s no room for such people and this evil elites was de reason behind TBC creation, TBC is here to fight evil elites and poverty, a family where everyone have equal right in respective of how much u invested, mind u am not anti bitcoin, I also own bitcoin and some other valuable market coins too, am straight forward here telling u de realties of life and crypto, pls stop deceiving and scaring innocent people away from what u have little or zero knowledge about!, let me still remind u again, the Billion Coin (TBC) ll never be on any public exchange for any reason or reasons, get dat to ur understanding, TBC ll create their own private exchanges, right now there’r uncountable merchants and individuals, schools, Hotels, lawyers, malls, land owners, etc who have publicly declare their acceptance of TBC for their goods and services, this such announcement could only happened in Bitcoin Community after Four good solid years of its invention, tbc is still a baby of 31months with a tremendous Future, active in over180+ Countries. over 3millions+ bitcoin worth Billions of dollars right now, have been declared orphans while because her owners abandoned them so early for lack of Faith and understanding by believing criticises like ur type and thereby losing their access details to their money, do u know de kind of damages u and ur type have cost those innocent people? I strongly believe u must have secretly invested in TBC while u are out here scaring ignorant and innocent ones away from their bright future, there’s God ooo. Taking risk is not by force and u can’t be wiser than over 3.3millions of people and still counting who have taking a great and wise decision by embracing or investing in TBC community, my best advice to u is dat, if truly u haven’t invested in TBC, take away ur pride and kindly embrace TBC while u still have time b4 it is too late, God bless u all.

    • Your definition of taking risk is giving your money to scammers and hoping it’s not a scam. No offence but to me that is foolishness. If I buy Apple Stock After a thorough analysis, I have taken a risk because the stock can appreciate or depreciate. However, buying a scam coin like TBC and wishing that one day it will not be a scam if foolishness, its worse than gambling.

      I bet you that I know more about TBC than you because I studied it thoroughly before deciding to expose the scam.

      You have also told lots of lies. you said TBC is present in 180 countries – Lies. list these countries and proof. – TBC members are predominantly Nigerian and Philippine.
      You talk about schools, Hotels and Landowners accepting TBC – Lies. Mention one and I will go and verify. Someone once put up a hotel that claims to accept TBC I personally went to verify and found out it was a lie. Please give me the address of the merchants that accept TBC. I have friends that are stuck with worthless TBC. I will send them to purchase the items for TBC.

      The above lies you told is a prove that TBC is a scam.

      TBC started telling lie from the beginning by paying someone on fiver to do their video.

      I put it to you that you are also stuck with your TBC. You are looking for who to scam into giving you cash for your TBC.

      I will keep on exposing scam when I see them.


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