Neo Mining And Technologies Review – Scam Or Legit?

Neo mining and technologies have been attracting a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks, and it is not hard to see why. Their adverts are literally everywhere, people are talking about the left, right and centre especially on social media, blogs and forums. I believe you have come across an advert trying to promote Neo mining and technologies, you are interested but will like to know more about the platform before making a decision. If that be the case, then I am glad to inform you that, you are in the right place. It might interest you to know that I am not in any way affiliated with Neo mining and technologies, and have no reason to promote their business. I have done my research judiciously and whatever you see here is the truth, intended to guide you towards making an informed decision. This review will simply guide you to the truth. Is Neo mining and technologies a scam? Is it legit? Let’s find out.

What is Neo mining And Technologies?

Taking a critical look at Neo mining and technologies official website, you will discover that not much was disclosed, especially as regards its ownership and legality. like is the case in pyramid schemes like cryptoworld network etc. You will agree with me that for a business to be credible, it has to divulge such vital information to its investors. No one will feel safe doing business with a faceless organisation. Their official website looks more like a page or portal where members can log into the platform and nothing more. Furthermore, the domain “neominetech(.com)” was registered to a certain Jesus Osuna on the 23rd of September 2017, with an address linked to a location in California, USA. After making further enquiries I discovered that videos created for the purpose of marketing Neo mining and technologies recognised Jesus Osuna as the company’s CEO. Now, here is the fascinating side to these, if Jesus Osuna is the company’s CEO, why is his name not written on the website? Well, let’s find out more about Osuna and his relationship with Neo mining and technologies. Osuna started promoting/advertising Neo mining and technologies back in the second quarter of 2017, recent discoveries have it that, it was within this time frame that he started talking about cryptocurrencies in his personal social media channels. Osuna was the co-founder of Uvodi back in 2015. Uvodi is some kind of fitness organization that operates with an MLM feature, although the website still exists to date, its revenue seems to have massively depreciated from what it used to be in 2015. Furthermore, a certain Jesus Osuna who resides in California was mentioned as one of the foremost beneficiaries in the TelexFree Ponzi scheme that tapped $1.4 million from unsuspecting individuals. Although this Jesus Osuna has not been confirmed to be the same Jesus Osuna who is promoting Neo mining and technologies.

What Are The Products Offered By Neo Mining And Technologies?

Talking about products on offer, Neo mining and technologies offers none! There are no goods or services on offer for retail and as such there can be no trade activities for income generation. Neo mining affiliates have only the membership fees to offer and nothing else. And judging from experience, I can tell you categorically that this has MLM written all over it and should be approached with caution.

Neo Mining And Technologies Compensation Plan

Here is how Neo mining and technologies works. Members are to buy Ethereum mining contracts, these contracts offer passive ROI for a period of 2 years. Neo mining and technologies offer three mining contract packages which are as follows.
  • N126,000 NAIRA ($350) for a 14 MH/s mining contract
  • N630,000 NAIRA ($1750) for a 70 MH/s mining contract
  • N1,260,000 NAIRA ($3500) for a 140 MH/s mining contract
Neo mining offers incentives in form of referral commissions to its members, through the aid of both a Unilevel and binary system. And like every other platform with this feature, the aim is to encourage members to recruit others and have them buy mining contracts as well.

How Much Do You Need To Join Neo Mining And Technologies

To become an active member of the Neo mining and technologies investment platform, you will be required to sign up and purchase a mining contract. The contracts cost N126,000 NAIRA ($350), N630,000 NAIRA ($1750) and N1,260,000 NAIRA ($3500) respectively. And like expected, buying a more expensive contract will yield more returns, as illustrated in their compensation plan.

Is Neo Mining And Technologies a Scam?

There exist a lot of scam sites on the internet today, analysing a site is one thing and coming to a conclusion is another. Neo mining and technologies might be a scam or a legit platform, to help you make the right decision, here are key areas you should take into cognizance.
  • Neo mining and technologies offer no tangible products
  • The true identity of the CEO is unknown
  • There is no guarantee that Neo mining and technologies will last long enough for its members to make a profit
  • Neo mining and technologies have no refund policy
  • It is not a registered company.
  • Neo mining and technologies have a multi-level marketing feature.
Neo mining and technologies might not be a total scam, hence the reason why you have to pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

What I Think Of Neo Mining And Technologies

The contracts at Neo mining look really amazing at first especially to newbies, but there is a problem here, Neo mining and technologies cannot operate as a legitimate business and here is why. Anyone looking to purchase mining contracts from Neo mining and technologies must become an affiliate for their income opportunity. Taking a closer look at Neo mining generally, you will discover that they seem to be more interested in advertising their investment opportunity than on actually mining Ethereum. Here is the reason for my supposition. In a recent marketing video created to promote Neo mining and technologies, the following can be heard: “Do keep this in mind, that you will get back the amount you paid for your service. Within two years you will definitely, you will definitely make way more than $350, ok?” However, if you rewind the video you will hear the following: “Do keep one thing in mind, this is not a company where you invest um, as in like you will consider (it) an investment. We sell services. If you’re part of this team, if you’re part of Neo Mining and technologies please do not promote this as an investment company.” If you paid attention, you will notice that I underlined a particular sentence. The message in the sentence is telling members to not promote the company as an investment platform, that sounds fraudulent considering the fact that in the compensation plan, members are to buy mining contracts and receive a particular ROI as profit within a period of 2 years, in case you don’t know; ROI simply means (Return on investment). The reason why Neo mining and technologies don’t want to be promoted as an investment company is because for any company to operate as an investment company in the united states it must be registered with the SEC, else its operations will be considered illegal. Neo mining and technologies is not registered with the SEC and is operating illegally. That said, in an event where they encounter difficulties and decide to elope with peoples money’s, members can take no legal actions against them. Despite the fact that Neo mining and technologies is not registered, Jesus Osuna has been relentless in his claims that the organisation is traceable and transparent. These are all lies, and nothing good can be built on false claims.

My Advice Is

Feel free to invest if your guts approve of it, but invest with what you can afford to lose. If you would like to learn Cryptocurrency trading, I suggest you read: Crypto Trading – How to Win Every Trade

Kyrian Chidiebere
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15 thoughts on “Neo Mining And Technologies Review – Scam Or Legit?”


  2. By the way . They are register as a Crypto mining services It is on The website of California that you shownon the review.

  3. Sure I Have proof. But soon you guys will find out how legit is Neo and if you guys live in USA you will be proud. Of this company born here in USA. Go check the Neo website go visit tge coorporate. Check the mining Farms videos on Facebook , check the farms control office on Facebook page. Check the New Technology products, like the Smart Card with Coinbase as partners, The Neo Projector (Switch ) with Androing system build ,Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth, connect to smartphones, download Facebook, Nexflit and many other futures, The Morpheus coming on September, New ICO , and many many more service Neo has to offers .

  4. Soon We will post a picture of You and me and Maybe with Jesus Osuna when You will retract from all this comments. Neo Is Here to stay. I will probe you wrong. God Bless.

  5. Well said @Carlos Melendez.

    You said and I quote: “Call the office and meet Jesus Osuna in person. So you can ask all questions and show you that everything is legal”

    My question is, why are Jesus Osuna’s contact details not present in the website, as a matter of fact, the name “Jesus Osuna” cannot be traced to the website at all.

    Never mind, I have taken the liberty of going into further research on your following claims: “That they are register in State of California. That they has parner with NVIDIA, Intel,Asus,Coinbaseand others.
    They have real service and tangible product. That going to blow peoples mind. I saw it with my own eyes”

    And yes, they seem to be registered in California. But when i punched the name “neo mining” in the California secretary of state’s website I found out that, in their incorporation document they are only authorised to offer shares, the document says nothing about providing mining contract securities.

    securities are regulated in California at the state level by the California Department of Business Oversight.

    As far as I can tell Neo Mining & Technologies are not registered in any capacity with the Californian DBO to offer securities in California.

    In summary, Neo Mining & Technologies California incorporation is meaningless from a securities regulation perspective.

    Why is being registered to offer securities in California and the US important?

    It requires Neo Mining & Technologies to file explicit proof of external ROI revenue generation.

    Saying your generating ROI revenue to pay affiliates with via ethereum mining is all very well, but due-diligence by any responsible investor would require full disclosure of mining taking place and generating revenue, which is then used to pay affiliates with.

    SEC registration would require Neo Mining & Technologies to disclose that information to the general public.

    This is critical not only for basic due-diligence of any passive investment opportunity, but also to certify Neo Mining & Technologies are not recycling newly invested funds to pay off existing investors on any level.

    Why has neo mining not registered with SEC?

    The answer is simple, Neo mining has no proof that mining activities are actually taking place.

    And until Neo mining is registered with the SEC their ethereum mining claims are considered false. The only source of revenue here is new members investment.

    Anyone can register a business in California, but it isn’t ethical to register your business as a bicycle shop or glocery store while your true activities involve providing mining securities and investment opportunities (That is a clear example of what Neo mining is doing).

    No credible company can be built on lies and false claims.

    Finally, I will like to ask you a question.
    What is your affiliate rank in Neo mining’s pyramid scheme? @Carlos Melendez

    • Hello, “friendly request” to remove the didamation of Neo Mining & Technologies.
      I am the owner founder of Neo and will take legal action immediately.

      • It’s unfortunate that I have to post this here, but this company keeps ignoring my emails. I signed up for the $350 package using credit card and then upgraded my package using crypto currency for an additional $3150. They lost my money for weeks. Nobody could locate my crypto currency. I spoke with Jesus through Facebook messenger and he agreed to take care of it. I told him I had no faith at that point and he was pleasant. Within a couple days though my account was shut down and I have reached out to technical support and Jesus dozens of times and don’t get any responses. All I want is a refund of what I paid his company. Had the value of the crypto currency gone up while he held it I suspect he’d be happy to give a refund. The fact it went down while he held it is unfortunate but I still need my money back. Communication is all I’ve ever asked for.

  6. This review is totaly wrong. Why you dont do what i did. Call the office and meet Jesus Osuna in person. So you can ask all questions and show you that everything is legal. That they are register in State of California. That they has parner with NVIDIA, Intel,Asus,Coinbaseand others.
    They have real service and tangible product. That going to blow peoples mind. I saw it with my own eyes. Everything will know on the first event of company were the parners(NVIDIA ,Coinbase,Intel wilm be there. They offer no ROI they offer a mining service and the earning base on the value of the cripto wich change everyday. People can see in Etherume calculator how much aproximatly the can make with the Velocity of mining the pick. And they have a money back warranty of 30 days . My sugestion is that you Have to Do the right jon and If you going to review something do the apropiate way.


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