Luno Review (2021 Update) | The Complete Review and Comparison

In this post, I did a complete review of Luno.

Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was formerly known as Bitx but later rebranded to Luno.

I have been using this exchange consistently from 2016 to this date.


I wrote my first review of this exchange in 2017.

In this 2020 review update, I not only gave a total rundown, but I also included a video on how to trade profitably on Luno.

This review is the most detailed and concise Luno Review online. So if you are ready to know all there is about Luno, read on.

Luno Review Brief

To smoothly walk you through this exchange, here is what I will be covering

  1. Company Overview
  2. Luno Features
  3. Luno Services
  4. Supported Currencies and Payment Methods
  5. Transaction Fees
  6. Deposit and Withdrawal Limits
  7. Supported Countries
  8. Customer Support
  9. Luno Vs Quidax
  10. Luno Vs Remitano
  11. Luno Vs Coinbase
  12. FAQs About the Luno
  13. Conclusion – Is Luno reliable?

Clicking on any of the links above will take you straight to that section.

1. Company Overview

Luno (formerly known as Bitx) is a cryptocurrency exchange/wallet provider.

It started as Bitx in 2013 in Singapore and expanded to several other countries.

On Jan 11, 2017, its changed brand name from BitX to Luno (meaning ‘Moon’).

This must have been a well-thought rebranding because this company grew exponentially in 2017.

Luno provides Bitcoin services similar to that of Coinbase. However, it was able to make all its services available in countries where Coinbase exchange services are not supported.

Luno is the most popular exchange in South Africa as it records its highest trading volume there followed by Nigeria.

Now that we know a brief history of the company, let’s look at its features

2. Luno Features

  • Large Trading Volume
  • Tight Spread
  • Customer Support Via LiveChat
  • Instant Buy and Sell
  • Easy to Use Trade Room
  • Price Alert
  • Instant deposit
  • Mobile App
  • Multiple Currency
  • Direct Withdrawal to Bank account
  • Safe Secure system

Visit Site

3. Luno Services/Products

Luno offers the following service and Products

  1. Instant buy/sell
  2. Exchange
  3. Wallet
  4. Luno Business
  5. Luno API
  6. Bitcoin Savings

1. Luno Instant Buy/Sell

Here users can purchase and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly with fiat currencies like the NGN or ZAR. The transaction fee at the ‘instant buy/sell’ starts at 2% but could go higher.

Note: In the August 2019 update of the site, this section is no longer called instant buy/sell. However, you can access this feature from the wallet.

Also, limits apply when buying here. The limits are per transaction and depend on your country. For Nigeria, minimum buy-sell is 300 naira while the maximum buy-sell is 3.6 million NGN. Note that this is per transaction on the instant buy/sell not on the exchange.

For limits on other countries, click here.

2. Luno Exchange

The Luno exchange is a ‘Trade Room’ where you can trade cryptocurrency pairs. It provides charts and indicators sufficient for both pro and new traders to conduct analysis before placing trades.

Depending on your country, you have various cryptocurrency pairs available for trading.

For example, in Nigeria, you have BTC/NGN, ETH/NGN, XRP/NGN, etc. available for trading.

Transaction fees can be as low as 0.25% or as high as 1% depending on your country. I gave more details on the transaction fee section of this post. I also showed how to pay zero transaction fees when trading.

3. Luno Wallets

Luno provide wallets for the following currencies

  • All supported cryptocurrencies – buy, sell, send, receive, and store
  • Fiat wallet (NGN, ZAR, EUR, IDR, MYR, ZMW) – Deposit, withdraw, exchange for cryptos

Note: You can only access the fiat wallet for your country.

4. Luno Business:

Luno business account is designed for companies that have a large fund and want to do more than just trading Bitcoins. This account type is meant to attract trading firms, financial service firms, Miners, Cryptocurrency startups, etc.

5. Luno API

Luno API gives developers access to perform certain actions on their Luno account through another platform; this can be automated trading, generate BTC address, send and receive, etc.

6. Savings Wallet

Luno allows its users to save their BTC, ETH, and USDC on its platform and earn up to 4% interest per annum.

How this works is that you will create a Savings wallet and transfer your coins in it to earn.

These coins are then lent to Luno’s trusted lending partner who enters into individual loans with third parties.

The interest will be paid into your Bitcoin Savings wallet on the first day of each month.

Of the three Savings wallets, you can choose to create one, two, or all three; it’s your choice!

The interest on each is as follows:

  • BTC Savings wallet –  4% interest
  • ETH Savings wallet –  4% interest
  • USDC Savings wallet – 7.6% interest

You can transfer your Bitcoin out at anytime and at no charge. The transfer to your wallet, though instant, can take from 1 – 7 business days.

Find more information here.


  • You will start earning interest the next day at a variable interest rate.
  • Your crypto will be lent to a third party and it is not insured or guaranteed.

These are the products and services available for now, let us look at its payment methods and supported currencies.

4. Supported Currencies and Payment Methods

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • BitcoinCash (BCH) (included on July 19, 2019)
  • Ripple (XRP) (included on March 2, 2020)
  • Litecoin (LTC) (included on May 11, 2020)

The number of coins supported is not impressive and users have constantly queried why more cryptocurrencies are yet to be included.

I asked this question in the Luno Meet held in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

The answer was that the Team only wants to support cryptocurrencies with the strongest integrity that is why they take time to include a new coin.

However, the Luno team is planning to include more coins.

Supported Fiat Currencies

  • Euro (EUR)
  • Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Nigeria Naira (NGN)
  • South African Rand (ZAR)
  • Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)

Luno Accepted Payment Methods

The payment method depends on the country you are operating from.

In Nigeria, for example, you can fund your Luno account by Bank transfer, Debit/Credit Card, and Instant Bank Transfer

It employs the service of PayU and Paystack to process payments in Nigeria.

In summary:

CountryCurrencyPayment Methods
EuropeEURDebit / Credit card, SEPA
IndonesiaIDRBank Transfer
MalaysiaMYRInterbank Giro / IBFT
NigeriaNGNBank Transfer (PayStack), Debit card (PayU)
South AfricaZARCash deposit, EFT
ZambiaZMWBank Transfer

5. Transaction Fees

Transaction fees on Luno can be broken down into

  • Send and receive fees
  • Deposit and withdraw fees
  • Trading fees

These fees vary from country to country and also depends on the payment method. Full details can be found here on the Luno site. However, here is the summary below.

Send and Receive Fees

CurrencyMethodSend FeeReceive Fee
BTCTo Bitcoin addressDynamicFree
BTCTo email addressFreeFree
BCHTo Bitcoin Cash addressDynamicFree
ETHTo Ether addressDynamicFree
XRPTo Ripple address0.03%Free
LTCTo Litecoin addressDynamicFree

Note: Send fees are not determined by Luno but by the blockchain network. The blockchain network fee varies from time to time hence ‘dynamic’ in the table above.

Deposit and Withdraw Fees

Just like the blockchain fees above, Luno does not determine the deposit and transaction fees.

They employ the services of payment processors who process payments from and to the Fiat wallets.

The fees depend on the payment processor; they can be as low as free to as high as 1.5%. These fees are not hidden, they are calculated before you proceed with payment.

NGNDebit/Credit card via:
– PayU
– Flutterwave
– Paystack

– 1.58% (max NGN 2,070)
– 300 NGN
– 1.5% (max NGN 2,000)
ZARCash Deposit
ZAR 20.00
+ 5.00%
IDRBank TransferFree
Inter banking
ZMWBank TransferFree

Trading Fees

This is how Luno generates its revenue. The fee varies depending on the country.

The Instant buy/sell charges 2% or higher. At the exchange, the Taker pays a transaction fee depending on the country he is trading from and his trade volume for the past 30 days. The Maker pays no fee.

Note: The ‘Maker’ is the person that sets the buy or sell price at the exchange while the ‘Taker’ is the one that buys and sells at the price set by the ‘Maker’.

That said, there are limits to the amount you can withdraw or deposit to your fiat wallet based on your verification level.

Let’s look at it below.

6. Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

The user’s country and verification level determine the deposits and withdrawal limits. The table below shows that for Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe.

Level 0Email
Not allowedNot allowed
Level 1Phone
All-time Deposit
NGN 200,000
ZAR 15,000
EUR 1,000
All-time Withdrawal
NGN 200,000
ZAR 15,000
EUR 1,000
Level 2ID
Max. Deposit/month
NGN 500,000
ZAR 50,000
EUR 5,000
Max. Withdrawal
per month
NGN 500,000
ZAR 50,000
EUR 5,000
Level 3Proof of
Max. Deposit/month
NGN 10,000,000
ZAR (limit may apply)
EUR 100,000
Max. Withdrawal
per month
NGN 10,000,000
ZAR (limit may apply)
EUR 100,000

Note: To go above the deposit and withdrawal limits in level 3, you have to apply for a business account at described earlier above.

So far, you will notice that I have only mentioned certain fiat currencies, this is because Luno does not support all countries.

Let’s look at the supported countries proper.

7. Supported Countries

Luno currently supports 44 countries. They include;

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Zambia, and
  • Europe:
    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The country with the highest daily ‘Trade Volume’ is South Africa followed by Nigeria.

8. Customer Support and Public Opinions

In the intro of this post, I said that I have been using Luno since 2016, so there is a lot I can say about the customer support.

Luno Customer Support back in 2016/2017 was really poor. However, there has been a significant improvement. Although I believe more can be done.

The exchange has a very extensive HELP CENTER. You will find answers to most questions here.

In case you don’t find answers to your query in the HELP CENTER, you will have to contact customer support via LIVE CHAT or submit a support ticket.

The LIVE CHAT is not available 24/7 and replies to support tickets are usually within 24 hours.

You might need to contact the support more than once to have your queries resolved as their first response are sometimes generic.

Luno has a very low rating on Trust Pilot mostly from people complaining of blocked accounts or pending transactions.

There are several reasons why this could occur – it could be verification limit restriction, deposit from a bank account that does not bear the same name as the owner of the Luno account, etc.

That said, the customer support could do better at attending to this issue.

It is worthy to mention however that bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase and Binance also have poor ratings on Trust Pilot.

We are also coming to the end of this review.

But before we get to the conclusion, let us compare Luno with its major Rivalries and answer some of the Frequently asked questions.

Remember, I am still going to show you how to trade profitably on Luno. Read on

9. Luno Vs Quidax:

Quidax was launched in 2018, but so far is Luno’s major rivalry in Nigeria. It operates a similar model. It supports more cryptocurrencies (6) and processes withdrawal instantly 24/7. Luno, on the other hand, beats Quidax in terms of liquidity.

Read my full review of quidax here

10. Luno Vs Remitano

Remitano, unlike Luno, is a P2P exchange where buyers and sellers can trade directly. Remitano modulates the trades using and escrow. Luno for a long time now is the choice trading platform in Nigeria while Remitano is the choice P2P platform. There is really not much comparison angle between these two exchanges because they operate different business models.

Read my full review of Remitano here

11. Luno Vs Coinbase

Coinbase is the most used OTC cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. It is the major exchange in Europe and the USA. Coinbase supports the storage, buy, sell and swap of 17 cryptocurrencies. Coinbase does not have an integrated Trade Room like Luno. It currently supports 102 countries but unfortunately, Nigeria is not one of them. This is where Luno has an edge.

Also read:

12. Frequently Asked Questions About Luno

In this 2020 update of the Luno review, I decided to include some of the questions frequently asked from the comment section, so make use you leave a question on what you are not clear about.

Is Luno safe?

– Luno complies with the regulatory bodies of the countries it supports to ensure that the user’s fund in the fiat wallet remains safe.
– Its account is audited regularly.
– The CEO or CTO of the company cannot single-handedly withdraw the cryptocurrencies in the wallets or fiats in the bank account.
– Users can enable 2FA to increase the security of their Luno account.

Is it safe that I give Luno my BVN?

Yes, here are the reasons;
The BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a number that unified all the bank account of a user in Nigeria. It was introduced by the Nigerian Banks to protect customers from identity theft and fraud.
The Nigerian government made it mandatory for anyone who wants to have a bank account. The BVN can be said to be similar to the Social Security Number in the USA.
Nigerians need to provide their BVN to protect them against identity theft, improve service delivery and speed, and help restore account if you lose your login.
Luno or anyone cannot gain access to your bank account information through your BVN. Secondly, it stores personal information including the BVN in a secure, encrypted form only accessible to authorized personnel.

How do I buy Bitcoin on Luno?

1. Visit Luno and create an account
2. Verify your account to at least level 1 (phone verification)
3. Deposit fiat (e.g. Naira) to your Luno fiat wallet
4. Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with the deposited money either at the instant buy/sell or at the exchange.
I gave a demo of this in the video below.

How long does withdrawal take?

As of February 2020, withdrawals on Luno are now automated and fast 24/7.
Withdrawals are processed under 2 minutes but on rare occasions, it could take up to 15 minutes.
This is a laudable improvement considering that before then, it was processed 3 times a day on working days only.

Why Doesn’t Luno Accept Verve Card?

Verve cards are not international cards, they are restricted for use in Nigeria alone. Luno supports over 44 countries and thus only accepts international cards like Master card, Visa card, etc

Can a Nigerian Use a Debit/Credit card from the USA or other countries on Luno?

Yes, Luno accepts international cards. However, the name on the card must be the same and the Luno account else the transaction will not go through. This is a necessary measure to prevent a stolen card from being used on Luno.

Where are Luno Offices in Nigeria?

For security reasons, Luno does not share its office address with the public. If you need to contact Luno, send an email to [email protected]

How do I Trade Profitably on Luno?

In the video below, I talked about different crypto seasons and strategies to trade on Luno at each season.
Note that this is not financial advice it is what I do.
If you need financial advice, please seek the help of a professional.
Enjoy the Video.

13. Conclusion: Is Luno Reliable?

Judging from my experience so far, Luno has come to stay especially in countries overlooked by exchanges like Coinbase. No wonder its biggest market is in Africa.

It is also strengthening its bond with its users and keeping them abreast of the crypto world by holding several meetups in Nigeria. Luno holds yearly Meet up in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Enugu.

Though it has its pros and cons (see the rating below), it is continuously improving.

So, is Luno reliable? Absolutely.

That brings us to the end of the review of Luno,

And now it’s your turn. Tell me

Have you used Luno and what are your experiences?

In what area do you think Luno can get better?

Or maybe you have a question about something I wrote in this Luno Review 2020 Update?

Whichever it is, let me know in the comment section below.

If you enjoyed this post and want to encourage us to keep dishing out awesome content like this, then give us a share using the share buttons below.





Customer Support


Ease of Use


Payment Methods


Transaction Fees



  • Mobile App
  • Ease to Use
  • Active Customer Support
  • Instant deposit
  • Advanced Chart


  • No Multisig
  • Supports only 5 Cryptos

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117 thoughts on “Luno Review (2021 Update) | The Complete Review and Comparison”

      • Hello, I’d like to know which bank in Nigeria one can make fast withdrawal with from Luno? Because I have been reading about fail withdrawal with luno and I also want to know if I can still withdraw with my level 0 verification because I have not yet added my government ID details .

        • You can withdraw with level 0 verification to the limited allowed.
          I withdraw from luno almost every week. I have not had issues. Withdrawal takes at most 2 working days. If you withdraw in the morning before 9am. You will likely get paid before 4pm. If you withdraw after 9am, you will likely get paid the next day. However, sometimes you will get paid that same day. I have always withdraw to my Zenith bank account so I can’t say for sure if other banks takes longer or shorter time to process.

  1. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but I have been unable to deposit in my luno wallet. It keeps saying transaction unsuccessful and I have tried two different atm cards maybe someone night know what the reason is or has encountered such problem too

  2. Hi,
    I appreciate your guides on bitcoin transaction.
    Please, I am relatively new in bitcoin trading. However, my recent experience with Luno is confusing.

    I had bitcoin worth of 0.00099 in Luno. For experimental purpose, I transferred 0.0001 to Coinbase. To my surprise, the balance in my Luno account was zero with a claim that 0.0008 was a transaction fees.

    How could 8 be charged to transfer 1?

    I am confused please guide me because I am planing to put in more money.


    Akolawole S.I

  3. Jude your article has given me the best education on this than anything I have read so far. You really demystified the subject. Please be available to give us answers as we come to seek further knowledge on this from you. Nkem.

  4. Hello Jude, I highly appreciate your incisive, thorough and objective reviews. They easily stand out from the numerous lopsided and half-baked reviews littering the internet. You are a worthy representative of Nigeria. Keep it up!

  5. I saw it in my blockchain wallet under sponsored links in the menu. Here is the link https ://coinsbank (.com/)

    Please check and let me know what is it about. thanks

  6. Hi there,

    This message is intended for any prospective South African investor interested in purchasing Bitcoin and/or Ethereum through Luno – our local cryptocurrency exchange. If you are still condisering use this service, I implore you to seriously reconsider.

    This is a highly unethical company – and that’s to say the least. There are three main issues with this business, namely:

    1) Dubious Price Setting

    Luno sells Ethereum and Bitcoin at a 20% markup compared to most global cryptocurrency exchanges. They are absuing their position as the only South African exchange to charge people far more than what they should. What this means is that when you purchase currencies through this platform you are paying considerably more for the coin that what an investor in the US, UK and Europe would pay. From the moment you purchase through their exchange you have lost money as you paid more than what the going rate actually is for the currency. To make matters worse, the price hike only seems to apply to purchases made, however, when you sell off your holdings for FIAT then miraculously your coins seem to depreciate in value to the globally accepted norm – which means you’re selling for the going rate. Luno has published two articles which refer to local supply and demand in this respect, however, it would be wise to treat these articles with circumspection. Obviosuly the people lining their pockets by charging 20% more than what they should will say something to substantite their actions, so they can keep doing it.

    2) Terrible. Non-existent customer Support.

    This company has no contact details. There are no landline numbers or physical addresses listed on their website or any other web address for that reason. The only contact you could have with this business is through this email address [email protected]. If you ae able to get a response with regard to any query you might have then count yourself luky. Personally I have sent this email 5 qeury mails in the past, to which I received no reply. This company has taken every measure to ensure that you are unable to contact it. It leaves all customers that are able to discern what is really going on with the inablity to get hold of anyone. I have tried to find out what the founder and CEO’s contact details are so I can have my lawyer deliver a legal letter to him, however, as expected the company was not forthcoming with any details. These actions are in total breach of the consumer protection act, but not to be unexpected from a group of people that have something to hide and dont want to come out.

    3) They are thieves

    This company will flat out steal from you. To put you in the picture, I set up a recurring payment from my bank account to Lunos account every Friday afternoon sothat I could automate my investments. It was working smoothely until I found out how much they hiked their prices by when i compared the price i was paying for a coin to numerous other exchanges. I subsequently sent the aformentioned legal mail to [email protected] but recived no response. However, I forgot to cancel my weekly scheduled payment to Luno. The Friday morning following that mail my payment was deducted from my checking account and subsequenlty transferred to Lunos account(this is instant because we both bank with FNB) and I received my normal sms. Lo and Behold that money never reached my Luno wallet, although they took my money they felt no need to allocate it to my account – that money has still not been allocated to my account to this day and has not been returened to my account. I can’t speak for everyone but in my books that is theft.

    There are numerous other issues with this company, but those are the three most notable ones I would other inquisitive investors to be aware of. Please do not consider this exchange, you will truly be doing yourself a disservice. Furthmore, you will allow this unethical company filled with immoral people to grow bigger without consequence.

    If you want to begin investing in the digital economy then i could suggest the follwoing global sites that will allow you to purchase and hold Bitcoin and Ethereum using your credit or debit card:


    These are all reputable exchanges that you will be able to find with a quick Google. Some of their fees can be slightly high, however, you can rest assured your’re dealing with an ethical company and purchasing your coins at an acceptable rate.

    That’s my 2 cents on Luno. I believe it is just a matter of time before you hear about them in the news for finacial misconduct and consumer abuse. If you do decide to use this company then be prepared to be financially exploitated, receive poor service and if you’re lucky, have your money stolen as well.

    Best of luck with your endeavours. Oh, and if anyone from Luno is reading this, how does it feel good to be a criminal? Let me know, would be nice to hear from you. You’ve got my customer support tickets.

    • I believe all the things you have said so far is peculiar to your country. I have used Luno severally from here in Nigeria and I have not encountered all you have said above.
      I agree with you about their customer support. It takes 1 to 2 weeks for you to get a reply from them. You can also follow Luno on twitter @lunomoney. I believe you can get your answers faster there. secondly, their office is in cape town. you can go there to sort out your issues with them.

      About the dubious price setting you mention above, You can buy and sell bitcoin directly from Luno at their price or you can buy from the exchange. The prices at are the exchange are much cheaper. At the luno Exchange, you are buying directly from individuals who are selling. Luno only moderate this and charge for processing. I personally buy/Sell on the exchange.

      In Nigeria, Luno does not charge for funding your account in Fiat, however, they process their funding through a third party PayU. PayU charges 1.5% of your funding amount which I believe is pretty too much. On withdraw to fiat, Luno charges NGN 200 for processing no matter the amount which ok. I personally prefer to buy bitcoin on Remitano as its cheaper to buy there and sell on Luno as its more profitable to sell there. This method might not be profitable anymore unless you are buying a small amount of bitcoin as bitcoin transaction fees are not on the high untill the implementation of the lighting network.

      so again aside from the poor customer service you mentioned, every other issue should be peculiar to your country.

      • Hello Jude, You’re really doing a great job keep it up. but would like to ask about Ngexchanger vs remitano pls which more cheaper to in times of buying crypto coins?

        • Remitano is cheaper. However remitano don’t exchange all cryptocurrencies ngexchanger does all. Even though all is not listed, you can contact then for it.

          However you can check the two exchanges to know where is cheapest before you buy. Things might change

      • Hi Jude, can you help me to recover my 2.2 ethereum from my Luno account, I am not happy the way luno treated me. because I ask for their help about 0.25 ethereum sent but not replect in the other account, they blocked the user profile and account blocked also. I have been trying to have account open but they refused, apart from their email, no phone number and how can I go to south Africa for this, is unfurnate my 2.2 ethereum worth about 1 million naira. Oh my God

    • My friend, I am victim of luno, I loss 2.2 ethereum with luno because they have total control of your account, they blocked my account, they ignored my email, they ignored my query, no any other means to reach them, they engaged in selective scam, they select accounts, I am disappointed.

  7. Hello Jude, I have been trying to sign up on LUNO for 3 days now. The verification code for phone registration is not being sent to my phone and even when i click the call option. No call comes through.

    • please try another phone number.
      I just opened a Luno account for a family friend two days ago and I did not experience this issue. the text was not receive buy the call was received.

  8. wow! I’m so proud of you Jude. I leave in SA, but never got this point blank review. Thank so much.
    Meanwhile, what can you say about a private key generated for me by Luno, isn’t that meant to give me full control over my coins?

    • Thank you for the compliment.
      Yes sure,
      I don’t think Luno gives a private key generation. if they do, it will be pretty cool.
      what they have is API key. this is for third-party software integration.
      However, if you think they do, I will be happy if you can educate me on it.
      thank you.

  9. Hi, my ETH and BTC believed was hacked by hacker. I didn’t conduct and authorized any transaction but all the coins gone! Anyone can help on this to report the case? Thanks

      • I’m using Luno apps. At the time before I found my coins gone I was tried to open the Luno link in pc and it’s keep on divert for me to refresh it. End up all gone. I hope there will be send out by mistake and can trace back.

        • This is the first time of me getting such report. I strongly believe your password was compromised. Maybe someone knows your application password. Please try to change your password and report to luno customer service.

    • I have not experienced that before. I always advice you enable 2FA authenticator.

      Contact Luno support and tell them about this. Although they might take a week to reply you


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