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This post is a concise review of Layer3, a unique platform that connects over 120,000 monthly active users to the Web3 ecosystem.

Layer3 empowers users to get the most out of web3 and earn passive income.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how it works.

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  1. What Is Layer3?
  2. How Layer3 Works
  3. Benefits of Using Layer3

What Is Layer3?


Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to discover and rediscover web3. It curates quests that enable anyone, skilled or unskilled to explore the magic of web3.

These Quests are unique, seamless, and interactive experiences that show users how to use and explore Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3 Gaming, Web3 Social, Layer2 Scaling Solutions, and more.

Layer3 caters to two categories of people:

  • Regular users who are seeking the best out of Web3 and;
  • Web3 projects who are looking to engage with eager users.

As of press time, the following ecosystems are supported on Layer3:

‌So, how does it work?

How Layer3 Works

The Layer3 platform is very easy to navigate.

For users;

They only need to connect their wallets from and complete quests.

As users complete actions, Layer3 instantly verifies them before unlocking the next step.

Users receive experience points (XP), Layer3 Achievements, and commemorative NFTs for participating.

For Web3 projects;

They apply to Layer3 to have access to its users by completing a form.

Layer3 only works with projects that are well-designed, audited, and provide real value to end users.

Also, it helps projects reach, acquire, retain, and engage the right users.

Learn more here.

Is Layer3 good for you?

Benefits of Using Layer3

  1. Layer3 shows beginners how to use any web3 project and earn from it.
  2. It helps you interact with unique DApps that may eventually airdrop native tokens.
  3. Layer3 exposes users to top-performing crypto projects and enables them to earn passively from interactions on those sites.
  4. Moreover, when Layer3 launches a native token, users will benefit from the airdrop.

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