Kuvera Global Review: 3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Off This Scheme

In this post, I did a complete review of Kuvera Global (formally known as Wealth Generator) and gave 3 reasons why you should stay of this scheme.

Some people praise Kuvera Global for being legitimate; others call it a pyramid scheme intended to rip people off their monies. I believe your interest at this moment is to find out the absolute truth about Kuvera Global.

By the end of this post, you will know is Kuvera Global is Scam or Legit and if is worth your time and energy.

Before I go further, I will like you to know that I am in no way affiliated with Kuvera Global; I have done extensive research on their products and offers and will be sharing my findings with you to help you make an informed decision.

If you are ready, let’s proceed.

Post Overview

This Kuvera Global review will present you with all you need to know — from the company’s background information to its legal status. In the end, you will have a better understanding as to what Kuvera Global is really about.

Below are the key points of my review:

  1. Kuvera Global Background Information
  2. Products on Offer
  3. What’s New (2020 Update)?
  4. Conclusion, it is a Scam or Legit?| 3 reasons 

1. Kuvera Global – Background Information

Kuvera Global is a rebranded version of Wealth Generators (an MLM company that provided stock investment advice and illegal financial securities). It became Kuvera Global on March 1st 2018.

Wealth Generators was privately run by Ryan Smith, Chad Miller, Mario Romano, and Annette Raynor, until it was acquired by a public trading company (Investview Inc) on the 31st of March 2017.

Towards the end of 2017, Wealth Generators under the ownership of Investview shifted its attention to Cryptocurrency mining contracts. A single mining contract cost as much as $4999 and paid out an ROI for 1200 days.

Furthermore, a majority of investors were drawn to the platform because its parent company (Investview Inc) is legally registered with the SEC. However, upon closer observation, we noticed that the mining contracts offered by Wealth Generators (Now Kuvera Global) cannot be linked with Investview’s SEC registration.

It is clear that Kuvera is directly responsible for its Crypto-mining contracts and Investview stands to provide a false feeling of legality in the minds of investors.

Kuvera Global’s CEO Ryan Smith was the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Generators before it was purchased by Investview and still remains its CEO and founder till date. The reason why it was rebranded shortly after it commenced the sale of mining contracts remains a mystery.

However, one thing is sure – Kuvera is banking on Investviews SEC registration to attract investors for its Crypto-mining contracts, while simultaneously running an MLM program that sells products that can be gotten for free.

Switching gears and looking at Kuvera’s CEO (Ryan Smith, Ryan has been in the financial market scene for over 20 years. Prior to founding Kuvera, he ran a brokerage firm that focused on teaching beginners how to trade successfully.

It is safe to say that, Kuvera has a transparent administration, which is a plus to its operations.

2. Kuvera Global – Products on Offer

Kuvera Global offers a range of products, they are as follows:

  • CRYPTO Mining — $99
  • CRYPTOone — $149.99 per month
  • FXOnE — $149.99 per month
  • Equity Pack — $149.99 per month
  • RYZE Pack — $149.99 per month
  • All in Pack — $199.99 per month
kuvera global review

Purchasing the products individually will cost you a total of $698.96 for your first month and $599.96 for subsequent months. Affiliates also have the opportunity of purchasing the “all in one” pack for $199.99.

Let’s look into Kuvera’s products details:

Crypto Mining

Kuvera offer’s crypto-mining contracts, the contract packages range from $499.99 to $4,999.99.

To buy a mining contract, you must buy a crypto mining account which cost $99 as stated earlier.

Unlike Wealth Global’s contracts that expire in 1200 days, Kuvera’s contracts have no expiry date, and so the ROIs are somewhat impossible to ascertain.

Kuvera claims it mines different Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Classic and a host of other Altcoins). However, its mining contracts all have the same price.

The question is, shouldn’t different Cryptos come with different mining packages?

Why pay $99 for a mining account?


This package comes with $149.99 monthly fee; it teaches crypto trading and provides alerts for trading opportunities.

However, it comes with a disclaimer stating that the experts who run it are not licensed financial advisors, and their service shouldn’t be taken as financial advice.

If you decide to trade based on what you learn from the CRYPTOone service, you will be fully responsible for your actions.

The question you should ask yourself at this moment is “Why pay a monthly fee of $149.99 to a bunch of guys (unlicensed) who teach you basic crypto-trading when there are tons of Youtube videos from experts that provide better services for free?”


This is a Forex alert system that notifies its users of trade opportunities; the service will cost you $149.99 a month which is ridiculous considering the fact that a majority of brokerage firms provide similar information’s to their clients for free.

Furthermore, since Kuvera is not an investment advisor, they cannot be held accountable for your loss if you choose to use their trade alerts. – it makes no sense to me at all.

Equity Pack

This is a resource for people interested in getting involved with stock and options trading, it gives users access to webinars anchored by experts in the industry. It also provides trade alerts which are to be followed at your own risk.

The equity pack cost $149.99 per month.


The RYZE Pack is basically a trading robot that can make up to 60 automatic trades for each user per day.

There have been reports of past users making profits, however; it is difficult to know if they stayed profitable in the long run as is the case with most trading bots.

It is obviously a high-risk venture; you could make profits or lose part or all of your investment. And seeing that Kuvera isn’t a licensed financial advisor – your chances of turning out profitable are slim.

Furthermore, to use RYZE, you must make a minimum deposit of $500 with capital city markets. It is clear that Kuvera earns commissions from the capital city each time a user makes a deposit.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for Kuvera and a possible Loss-Loss-Loss for you.

It’s your call.

Kuvera University

Purchasing a Kuvera distributor kit grants you automatic admission to Kuvera’s university; the distributor kit cost $50. With it, you can refer people to use Kuvera’s products and earn commissions from their fees.

The university doesn’t actually teach you trading, investment or personal finance as you may be led to believe, it rather teaches you how to market for Kuvera and grow your earnings with them.

3. What’s New in Kuvera Global (2020 Update)?

As the cryptocurrency buzz of 2017 and 2018 died down and people now truly understand what cryptocurrencies are and their true advantages, Kuvera has delisted most of the Products and services listing only 2 for now. These are;

  1. Financial Fitness
  2. Market Education

4. Conclusion – Scam or Legit | 3 Reasons 


Kuvera is simply an MLM company concerned with recruiting affiliates who will, in turn, recruit more affiliates.

Moreover, the only sure way to earn with Kuvera is by recruiting new affiliates and earning commissions from their monthly membership fees, bearing in mind the fact that, the people you refer will be paying huge monthly fees for products that cannot guarantee profits.


Kuvera’s packages offer financial advice but state clearly that they should not be treated as financial advice (which makes no sense at all).

Summarily, Kuvera gives you 2 choices

  1. Sign up and pay hefty fees for services that might see you lose all or part of your capital
  2. Refer family and friends and watch them put their monies at risk, while you earn commissions from their monthly fees.


Furthermore, the fact that Kuvera is a subsidiary of Investview doesn’t mean it is covered by Investview’s SEC registration. Investing in their crypto-mining package means putting your money at great risk – should the SEC be tipped off as to what Kuvera global is offering, it will be shut down at the blink of an eye. And so will your investments.

I hope my Kuvera Global Review has been able to paint a clearer picture of what Kuvera Global is really about. At this point, you should be able to make a more informed decision.

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below. Thanks

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  1. I bought $5000 mining package and I still don’t get any coin in my wallet. I cannot the company, there’s no response from them. How can I get money back.

  2. Ryze is the work of Travis Bott. Warn everyone regarding this individual. He’s been involved with Kuvera, Bitclub, Divee, USI-tech, and probably some others. He is being pursued for fraud my numerous agencies – onyxclassaction.com

  3. Yea because why would we listen to someone from nigeria saying something is a scam. Cmon now you guys are known for scams

  4. LOL well, well, well, look who it is. If it isn’t the 6 figure earning leader I’ve been hearing about. Talk all you want there’s evidence everywhere including Kuvera’s site. I hope you guys know it’s illegal to have monthly subscriptions upon recruitment! Stay on your toes.

  5. Hi peter thought you might find this interesting I joined kuvera had a couple of months of payments £180 had to open the account with £500 minimum fee and have cancelled it as from October 2018 have been requesting my funds as they are ‘mine’ and have sent numerous emails to capital city and this is the email they send me every time !!!
    Fortunately I did not invest any more than the £500 as I was sceptical and felt I was talked into it I just feel for the people who have invested thousands or their savings thinking they are going to make money the future sure doesn’t look bright for them !!! I can’t seem to get my £500 back thank goodness it was only that amount and no more

    Your support request has been updated:

    Good Day

    Unfortunately we are unable to process withdrawals at this moment, your withdrawals have been set to a pending status.

    Sadly, we cannot give any time frame as to when your withdrawal will be processed as too many factors are beyond our control.

    We are doing everything we can to start processing withdrawals. The best we can do is give you updates on the situation as they are received.

    On the 27th of September we found ourselves unable to access internet banking which, according to the bank, was due to a suspected security breach. After a ridiculous delay of 3 weeks (and multiple promises from the bank that access to our accounts would be restored), we were informed that our accounts had actually been frozen by Polish authorities and will not be released until February 1st at the earliest. It initially appeared to simply be a case of too much money being transacted through an account – resulting in our bank flagging our legitimate activities as “suspect” under EU AML legislation. Unfortunately, it transpired that some idiot employee of Wells Fargo bank had decided that it would be funny to add a “this is dirty money” comment to a wire transfer sent to us by one of their clients. Despite the statement being entirely false (and nothing to do with CCM in either case), these situations are approached with a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality by the authorities and the only way to proceed is to be as helpful as possible.

    In order to minimise inconvenience, we arranged alternate banking facilities and have been working to rebuild a cash buffer that can be used to resume processing withdrawals as quickly as possible via the new bank, but the last weeks have compounded the backlog of withdrawals we were already trying to reduce, so it will take a little time for funds to start flowing properly again.

    Please do note that by no means are we looking to keep the funds and have every intention of returning them as soon as possible.

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