10 High Converting ICO Listing Websites in 2020 – Best of the Best

Most times, we have heard of projects like DAO raise mouth-watering amounts through their ICOs {sometimes running into hundreds of millions}.

In 2017 alone, $6.3 billion was raised through ICOs. In 2018, within three months this figure was made to look like peanuts.

While these figures may seem attractive to any upcoming project, it also signifies increased competition in the ICO sphere.

So, to beat this obvious competition, anyone launching an ICO should always consider getting listed on a few high converting ICO listing sites. 

This would surely ensure to grab the attention of potential investors.

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High Converting ICO Listing Websites

ICO listing websites

Here are 10 of the best ICO listing websites. These websites have been arranged in no specific order of the hierarchy of importance.

  • ICObench; This incredible site evaluates ICOs using three unique methodologies. First of these, is an algorithm called benchy which tests ICO factors like the team, post-ICO plans, transparency, and social media presence. The second evaluation is done by experts who consider team strength, product, and strategy. The last evaluation is provided by experts in legal readiness. All these are used to give each project a rating.
  • ICObazaar; This site provides investors with a quick glance at ICO ratings and reviews showing a progress bar for each project and a calendar with details of top ICOs. This site considers the strength of your team, website, completeness of the whitepaper, the project idea, as well as media coverage.
  • CoinSchedule; This site drives a lot of traffic and is known to give a quick glance at the most important dates in cryptocurrency start-ups. The site gives a quick overview yet comprehensive details of an ICO. Sources of their data include the whitepaper, social media forums, and other sites.
  • Nigeriabitcoincommunity; Though not purely an ICO listing site, the ICO section of the website is also a high converting platform. The platform is especially for projects try to boom in the Nigerian market and Africa at large. The platform has experts who evaluate ICO projects based on the whitepaper, team strength, concept, and idea as well as its social media presence.
  • ICORating; This is one of the best ICO listing websites. It is very easy to use as it provides an investment rating, a hype score, and a risk score. This feature is excellent for sieving out some questionable ICO projects. However, your website and white paper have to be in good shape before been listed here. Failure may get you a bad score which is bad for the project.
  • CoinGecko; This site does not really provide much information on each ICO. CoinGecko is known to provide all available links to a project at a single view. Apart from ICO dates that it provides, it also gives an overview of a project’s social media performance.
  • CoinLauncher; Coinbench is unique in its own way. After providing all relevant and necessary details about a project, it also allows you to monitor selected projects. It also provides a Domain Trust score and a Domain Quality Score. If you can afford the fee, your project could be boosted to the top of the site’s ICO list.
  • ICO Tracker; This site evaluates ICOs based on five distinct parameters – team, whitepaper, roadmap, ICO condition, and escrow. Here, each ICO has an assigned curator whose duty is to scrutinize the project based on predefined set rules
  • ICO Checker; At ICO checker, coin listing and ratings are based on risk rate, hype rate, site score, and ROI rate. These are further based on a lot of deciding factors including social media interactions, whitepaper completeness, and site strength. So, it’s advisable to have a good online presence before applying for a listing on this site.
  • ICO Watchlist; This is popular for its simplicity and design. Its features include; a timer for ongoing live ICOs, a progress bar showing time remaining for each project. Its listing packages for ICO projects vary with the corresponding degrees of exposure.


Many of these sites offer paid and premium listing packages and some also give you the option of monitoring your desired ICO project and also getting notifications.

Getting your project listed on a few of these sites and getting a good rating could prove to decide in the success of your ICO start-up.

Let us know in the comment section if there are other sites you think should be in this top 10.


We do not guarantee that once your ICO is listed in any of these sites that it will convert. There are other factors to be considered when going into an ICO project. 

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