How to Exchange Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria

Exchange Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria. The interest in cryptocurrency is on the rise, with thousands of Millenials already investing in it. Hence, it is not surprising that some people would want to exchange gift cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria. Luckily for you, we know just the place to exchange gift cards for Bitcoin or naira in Nigeria; But before we delve any deeper, there is a question you’re dying to ask. It’s something any cryptocurrency noobie would ask;

Why Exchange iTunes Gift Card for Naira Bitcoin in Nigeria?

The first thing you should know is that; Bitcoin is an investment. And like most ventures, it has experienced a fair share of highs and lows. However, the acceptance and rapid development of Blockchain technology makes Bitcoin a smart investment. read further on how to invest and trade in Bitcoin HERE According to analyst, the value of this cryptocurrency is expected to rise to $25,000 before the end of 2018. That means, you’ll be trading your gift card for a smarter investment. So, the real question should be; why not exchange gift cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Where to Exchange your Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria

The reason most people don’t exchange iTunes gift card for Bitcoin in Nigeria is simple; fear. You are afraid of getting scammed on the internet, scared you won’t find a trustworthy buyer. While this fear is justified, there are still a few trustworthy buyers out there. One of them is Not only will you be getting a reliable service with IGCTrader, you’ll also be getting one of the best rates in the market. Furthermore, the whole transaction is quick after the verification of your gift card. You just have to wait for five minutes. There is just one final question now, it’s the reason you started reading this article in the first place.

How Can You Exchange Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Follow the steps outlined below to trade your gift card for Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Get a Gift Card

Most buyers will want to see an image of the gift card you intend to sell and igctrader is no different. As such, you’ll be required to send a picture of the gift card, including the receipt. There are many sellers that do not accept e-codes. Luckily for you, IGCTrader does. Now, check to make sure the gift card has not been redeemed. Note that you won’t receive any payment for an invalid card.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Now that you are sure of the validity of your gift card, you need a wallet to keep your Bitcoin. You have two options here; a hot wallet or a cold one. What’s the difference between these two, you ask? Hot wallets are connected to the internet while cold wallets are not. Yes, any of these wallets will do. However, to avoid being hacked, consider storing your Bitcoin in a cold wallet. Remember to copy your wallet address.

Contact a Gift Card Buyer

This part is a no-brainer. visit IGCTrader to exchange you gift card for Bitcoin in Nigeria. You can also send them a message on WhatsApp.

Initiate a Trade

The process required to initiate a trade on is simple. Start by verifying the rate at which your gift card will be purchased using the rate calculator. Next, click on the “Initiate Trade” icon on the website. Finally, opt for the Bitcoin payment option rather than the bank account. Of course, you would be required to provide the wallet address which you copied earlier.

Conduct the Transaction

Once IGC Trader has received the gift card code and verified that the funds are available, the equivalent amount in Bitcoin will be released and you’ll immediately be able to access the digital currency through your wallet. Don’t forget to leave a feedback.

On a Final Note

Exchanging Bitcoin for gift card in Nigeria is not difficult. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to get into the cryptocurrency game. You can take advantage of the price volatility to make a decent profit or simply use it to store value. Either way, it’s a win-win. The most important thing is to get a buyer you can trust, consider IGCTrader. They are one of the most respected and trusted sites where you can exchange gift cards for Bitcoin. Whether it’s an Amazon gift card, iTunes Gift card, or Google Play Gift card, They offer the best rate online. Furthermore, if you would rather get paid in Ethereum, You are covered. Take the first step by contacting IG here.

You can contact IGCTrader Via any of the means below:

Website: Whatsapp: +2348180102703 Mail: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: @IGCTrader

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