Green Mavro Review: Warning!! They Are Coming For Your Money

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Welcome to my Green Mavro review.

Green Mavro is essentially a rebrand of the failed MMM Ponzi scheme. It is obviously an ambitious attempt by MMM’s promoters to grab what they left at the end of 2017.

Before proceeding, I will like you to be aware of the fact that I am in no way affiliated with Green Mavro, all information you find in this review are products of extensive research intended to guide you towards making the right decision.

Is Green Mavro any different from MMM? Is it safe to invest my money in this scheme?

The answers you seek are contained in this Green Mavro review – Read on.

Green Mavro Review: Background Info

Before investing in any platform, it is important that you know its ownership information.

Ask yourself questions like: Who owns this platform? Where is it based? When was it launched? Are the admins credible? Have they been involved with any scam platforms in the past? Can I trust them with my money?

If a platform answers positively to all the questions above, then you should consider investing your money with them, otherwise, I advise you look somewhere else.

Green Mavro’s official website holds no information as to the date it was launched, where it is based, its administrative team or anything of that sort.

The lack of such information can only mean one thing “its creators do not want to be known” and when the platform eventually crashes – which it surely will, no one will be held accountable.

However the case may be, I was able to dig up some background information.

Green Mavro’s domain name was registered on the 9th of April 2018 (5 months and 2 weeks before this article was written).

Since the registration was done privately, it is impossible to know who it was registered to.

green mavro review

Furthermore, Green Mavro runs on a false IP address (located in the United States). However, its major traffic source is in Nigeria, which makes it apparent that the platform is operated from Nigeria.

If you ask me, I’d say by a bunch of Yahoo Boys.

What Does Green Mavro Offer?

Green Mavro offers no retail products, so there is obviously no way it can raise funds from retail activities.

The only money flowing into the admins’ pockets are deposited from gullible investors (MAGA as they are fondly called).

According to them “GreenMavro global community was created in accordance with the principles and ideology of Sergie Mavrodi. Hence, the ideology of Green Mavro Global community remains the same as that of MMM”

In case you don’t know the late Sergie Mavrodi or MMM, here is what Wikipedia has to say

“Sergei Mavrodi was a Russian financial fraudster, financial criminal and previously a deputy of the State Duma. He was the founder of MMM, a scheme that defrauded millions of people around the globe.”

green mavro review

The fraudsters behind Green Mavro said they created the platform in accordance with the principles of the late Sergei Mavrodi (a well known financial fraudster who defrauded over 100million people globally).

They weren’t mincing words or holding water in their mouths when they made this statement – they mean it, they are proud to continue from where he stopped.

BEWARE!! You could be the next victim.

How Does Green Mavro Work

Like MMM, Green Mavro requires that you invest a certain amount of money (PH) and watch your money grow at a rate of 1% daily for 30 days, after which you can cash your investment and profit (GH).

What it does is to pair new investors to old investors, the new investors pay the old investors and wait for newer investors to pay them.

And when investors come in short supply, the platform shuts down. At this point, the only winners will be its unknown admins and a few lucky chaps who left early.


Green Mavro is essentially trying to bring back the much dreaded MMM Ponzi scheme but this time, it has a more sinister objective.

green mavro review

The old MMM lasted a couple of months because it started out as a decentralized platform.

However, Green Mavro isn’t decentralized at all; its creators control the PH and GH system and can choose to match all PH to themselves.

They will come up with marketing materials that suggest old MMM members who lost out when it crashed can get their lost monies back – but that is a total lie.

Come to think of it, where will the money you lost come from?

It is obvious that Green Mavro’s objective is to grab as much money as they can from gullible investors before making a run for it.

After all, Nigerians are used to losing their monies to schemes – they will get over it.

My advice is, don’t invest a dime in this platform, no matter how much persuasion is thrown at you – let the fraudsters who created it get a life.

Once beaten, twice shy – don’t let them get you twice.

Hope you found value in my Green Mavro review?

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Thank You!


  1. cryptopreneur

    Thank you for this review, years have come and gone and your predictions have came to pass. reviews like this help in killing “the make money quick mentality” in Nigeria.

  2. Dspecial1

    You gave us a half truth about GMG what is your gain for this,all we care is to be financially free, I stand with GMG,participate with your spare money and smile to the bank GMG has come to stay with our numerous mechanism GMG is bound to last for decades,i stand with GMG with transparent admin with embedded integrity

  3. Tyga

    GMG has finally failed on the 1st of May 2019…. He said the truth I guess it lasted for only 8months

  4. Vigour

    Any genuine online business?

  5. Odunmbaku Olukunle Kehinde

    You are entitled to your opinion… Failure is part of success

  6. O2Press

    Yeah… a sound warning commenting from

  7. Ifeanyi

    Thanks for the review. It’s quite useful!

    • Peter Obi

      You are welcome dear.


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