5 Quick and Easy-To-Use Cryptocurrency Rate Tracker for Your Android Smartphone

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It cannot be denied that digital currency is the era of today and people are looking forward to doing trading in several cryptocurrencies. How to know about the right one for investing purpose? The most important question arises is where the hard-earned virtual currency is to be kept.

These days everyone has a smartphone which is a useful resource for tracking the investments. This helps you in keeping an eye on the trading all the time. Moreover, it is a very powerful gadget which includes so many applications that can provide assistance to keep a proper record of the cryptocurrency exchange market.

In this blog, I have listed out the top level cryptocurrency applications that are used for Android. The relevant list will be inclusive of the applications so as to keep a track record of the digital currency portfolio, rates of checking, charts to be monitored out and the mobile wallets. So, below here come the best virtual currency apps for your Android Smartphone 2018.


  • Coinigy: – It is a cryptocurrency investment app whose availability is on both web as well as the mobile-based platform. This is having Android as its current version and it’s another version known as iOS will be released very soon. It is having uniqueness and gives an allowance to around 45 leading digital currency exchanges as well as wallets from just one account only.


  • Bitcoin Checker: – This popular cryptocurrency application is specifically for the Android users. It is a very neat small widget whose resizing can be done and you can display digital currency from any exchange as well. Also, it gives a chance to check out the arbitrage by keeping a check on bitcoin at several exchanges. Furthermore, it keeps a proper track record of the alternate coins bags on obscure exchanges.


  • Coinbase: – This is self-proclaimed and recognized as the world’s number 1 place in order to invest in cryptocurrency. Also, this is the first ports of call for most of the people when there is a talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the others. This app is for both iOS and Android users in order to purchase and sell out the digital currencies and keep a record of the costs. Furthermore, it has a capability for money and when the time comes for spending our money; Coinbase will provide assistance in exploring out the merchants who give an acceptance to cryptocurrency as payment. Whereas there are some users who have lodged a complaint that the fees can be on the increasing side but this doesn’t become a hindrance from being one of the best applications to start with.


  • Bitcoin Price IQ: – This is one of the digital currency applications that is working at a fast pace. It has the main functionality regarding the present exchange rate for Bitcoin. This also gives a support to 165 distinct currencies globally. In this manner, we can see that how much worthy of whatever location one is happened to stay. Furthermore, this application also provides historical charts, high as well as low alerts and even distinct kinds of currency. Also, the design appears to be good with this app. Additionally, it is a good one for minute-to-minute variations whereas the alert system doesn’t work out for all the currencies.


  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget: – This is a top-class cryptocurrency application that is having availability for Android smartphone. The App gives an allowance to easily record the latest crypto exchange rates of several digital currencies. The main characteristic feature is its widget which can be placed anywhere on the home screen. Also, it gives an allowance to keep a check on the rates straight away of the smartphone’s home screen. The widget is really very simple and easier in utilization. Moreover, multiple widgets can be set up for distinct currencies. The application offers one of the quickest methods to keep a record of exchange rates. Even, there is an allowance to set out the refreshing rates for the widgets. Last, downloading of a virtual currency app can be done from Google PlayStore.

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Digital currency aggregator’s platforms are not having enough news to deliver to their users most of the time. By having characteristic features in the apps specified above, the decisions related to investment will be very comfortable as compared to the ones it used to be. Even many users can follow out several events, see the costs and start chatting with other virtual currency enthusiasts and that too in one application. This can bring a lot of relief to the users from distinct sources.


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