10 Best Exchanges To Buy/Sell Bitcoin In Tanzania

In this post, you will find 10 Best Bitcoin Exchanges where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Tanzania.

As a Tanzanian seeking a good exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, you will find this post very helpful.

I did my research on several exchanges before selecting this 10.

You will never go wrong if you picked from my list.

Let’s jump right in!

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10 Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Tanzania

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4.5 Star Rating
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1. Remitano

remitano best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania

Top on my list of best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania is Remitano.

This exchange is renowned for its efficient P2P feature.

It is a very safe platform, where you can buy/sell bitcoin.

The exchange provides excellent services including wallet, affiliate program, P2P, and games.

It supports 16 cryptos: 5 altcoins in addition to Bitcoin in P2P, and 10 altcoins in Invest.

Also, the user interface of the exchange is superb!

Founded in 2016, Remitano is currently used by 58 countries.

Exchange TypeP2P
Services– Wallet
– P2P
– Invest
CurrenciesBTC, BCH, ETH,
USD, NGN, etc.
Payment Methods– Bank transfer
– Debit/Credit card
– Cryptocurrencies
Pros– Solid User Interface
– 24/7 Live Chat
– Safe and Secure
ConLimited payment
Read ReviewOfficial Website

2. Paxful

paxful bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania

Paxful was founded in 2015 by Ray Youssef. It is based in the USA.

This exchange has over 300 available payment options for purchasing bitcoin. Impressive, huh?

You can also sell gift cards, Neteller, and Webmoney for bitcoins on this exchange.

With its user-friendly interface, you will have no problems buying or selling bitcoin on this exchange.

It also has quality services like wallet, P2P, vendor service, kiosk service, and affiliate program.

Paxful is definitely a good option for Tanzanians.

Exchange TypeP2P
Services– P2P
– Wallet
– Buy/sell
CurrenciesBTC, USD, EUR, GHS,
NGN, KES, TZS, etc.
Payment methodsSeveral
Pros– Many payment
– Cross country
P2P trades 
Cons– Supports only BTC
– Poor customer
Read ReviewOfficial Website

3. Yellow Card

yellowcard Tanzania bitcoin exchanges

The 3rd exchange on my list is Yellow Card. It was founded by Chris Maurice in 2019.

Yellow Card is registered in the USA (FinCEN) and has its headquarters at Lagos State, Nigeria.

This exchange allows users to perform transactions using their local bank accounts.

Additionally, Tanzanians can earn more from Yellow Card if they sign up as merchants.

As a merchant, you can buy and sell bitcoins to clients as well as receive payment for goods and services in bitcoins.

Exchange TypeBroker
Services– Buy/Sell Bitcoin
– BTC Wallet
– Bitcoin Merchant
CurrenciesBTC, NGN, USD, TZS,
Payment Methods– Cash
– Bank Transfer
– Debit Card
Pros– Good customer
– User-friendly
ConSupports only BTC
Read ReviewOfficial Website

6. LocalBitcoins

localbitcoin Tanzania bitcoin exchanges

LocalBitcoins is another bitcoin exchange available to Tanzanians.

It was created in 2012 by Jeremias Kangas, with headquarters in Finland.

This exchange is an open, peer-to-peer marketplace where you can easily trade bitcoin.

On this platform, you can purchase bitcoin using cash on delivery, cash via mail, PayPal, credit or debit card, Western Union, wire exchange, and more.

Also, LocalBitcoins permits customers to list advertisements.

It is one of the largest bitcoin P2P marketplaces in the world.

Exchange TypeP2P
Services– Trade
– P2P
– Wallet
– Buy/Sell
CurrenciesBTC, USD, EUR, GHS,
NGN, TZS, etc.
Payment methods– Debit Card
– Wire transfer
– PayPal
Pros– User-friendly
for newbies
– Various payment
– Very fast
Cons– Vulnerable to
– Small trade
volumes per ad.
Read ReviewOfficial Website

4. Bitpesa


Bitpesa is one of the popular crypto exchanges where you can buy/sell bitcoin in Tanzania.

The company was founded by Elizabeth Rossiello in 2013. It is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

BitPesa functions both as a bitcoin exchange and as a payment platform.

You can buy any amount of Bitcoin from this platform using your mobile money account.

This exchange also facilitates business transactions between Tanzanians and their partners in other countries like China and the UAE.

Exchange TypeBroker
Services– Payment Gateway
– Buy Bitcoin
CurrenciesUGX, NGN, GHS,
Payment Methods– Bank Transfer
– Mobile Money
– Airtel Mobile
– Paga account
– Debit Card
Pros– User friendly
– Different payment
Cons– Unstable Fees
– BTC is the only
supported crypto
Official Website

 5. Belfrics

belfrics Tanzania bitcoin exchange

Here is another exchange that made my list of best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania.

Belfrics was founded in 2014 by Praveen Kumaar, with headquarters in Malaysia.

This exchange is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, making it a safe place to trade bitcoin.

In addition to individual transactions, you can also create an account for your business on Belfrics.

This will enable your customers to pay for products or services in bitcoin.

Plus, Belfrics allows you to buy Bitcoin using your local currency.

Exchange TypeTrading
Services– Buy/Sell
– Markets
– Wallets
Payment Methods– Bank transfer
– Cash deposit
– Paypal
CurrenciesBTC, ETH, LTC,
KSH, NGN, TZS, etc.
Pros– Low Fees
– Fast Payments
ConPoor user interface
Official Website

7. Coindirect


The 7th exchange on my list of best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania is Coindirect.

It was co-founded by Attila Bernariusz, and launched on October 25, 2017.

Coindirect combines brokerage, P2P services and trading services.

It supports users from 24 countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.

This exchange makes it very easy for users to trade a large amount of bitcoin using its broker (OTC) service.

Exchange TypeBroker|P2P
Services– Buy and Sell
– Wallet Services
– Convert/Swap
Payment Methods– Paypal
– Bank transfer, etc.
CurrenciesNGN, EUR, BTC, ETH,
LTC, EOS, DAI, etc.
Pros– Excellent interface
– Supports over
35 cryptos
ConHigh fees
Read ReviewOfficial Website

8. Bit2Me


Bit2Me is another bitcoin exchange where Tanzanians can buy/sell bitcoin.

It was founded in 2014 and is based in Spain.

This exchange offers very cool services like Real Estate OTC, Commerce, Converter, and Crypto Academy, etc.

Bit2Me allows you to buy bitcoin using your local fiat. There are also convenient payment options.

Exchange TypeBroker
Services– OTC
– Wallet
– Swap
– Mobile App, ETC.
Payment Methods– Bank transfer
– Debit/Credit card
– Cash Deposit
CurrenciesNGN, EUR, TZS,
ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.
Pros– Excellent services
– Supports many
ConPoor customer
Official Website

9. LocalCryptos

localcryptos best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania

Here’s a non-custodial P2P crypto marketplace where Tanzanians can buy/sell bitcoin.

LocalCryptos was founded by Michael Foster, with headquarters in Richmond, Australia.

This exchange was initially called LocalEthereum when it was launched in 2017. Then, Ethereum was the only supported crypto.

Its name changed to LocalCryptos in 2019 when it incorporated Bitcoin and other cryptos.

LocalCryptos is available to users around the world and you can buy bitcoin with your local fiat.

The user interface of the platform is very friendly. Also, there are many payment options to choose from.

Exchange TypeP2P
Services– P2P trading
– Buy/sell
Payment Methods– Bank transfer
– SEPA Transfer
– Airtel Mobile
Money, etc.
CurrenciesNGN, EUR, TZS,
ETH, LTC, DASH, etc.
Pros– Excellent services
– Supports local fiat
ConSupports only 4
Official Website

10. Spectrocoin

best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania spectrocoin

Lastly, on this list of best bitcoin exchanges in Tanzania is Spectrocoin.

It was co-founded by Mantas Mockevičius in 2013. The company is based in London, UK.

Spectrocoin allows users to buy, sell, and exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Also, it offers users a personal VISA debit card which they can load from their wallets and then make withdrawals from ATMs.

Tanzanians can also maximize Spectrocoin’s business feature to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments at their online or physical stores.

You can also obtain crypto-backed loans from Spectrocoin when you have the need.

Exchange TypeBroker/Trading
Services– Buy and Sell
– Wallet
– Loans
– Business
Payment Methods– Payeer
– Debit/Credit card, etc.
CurrenciesEUR, USD, GBP, BTC,
ETH, DASH, etc.
Pros– Excellent interface
– Superb customer service
Cons– High fees
– Limited fiat
Official Website

Which Is The Best Of The Best?

Needless to say, all the exchanges described above have cool features.

It is, therefore, not easy to say, which is the best among them.

However, the best exchange for you is dependent on what you want to achieve at a particular time. Look out for:

  • Accepted payment options
  • Price of Bitcoin
  • Transaction Fees
  • What you wish to do (whether to trade or store Bitcoin).

Based on the price of bitcoin, you can buy a huge amount of Bitcoins at a very good price from Remitano.

Then, if you want to easily convert your bitcoin to fiat and withdraw from an ATM, go for Spectrocoin.

When it comes to trading e-currencies like Neteller, Paypal, Perfect Money, etc. for bitcoins, Paxful or LocalBitcoins will come through for you.

You only have to find the one that gives you the best price and go for it.

Again, if your interest is an exchange where you can trade bitcoins instantly using TZS, don’t miss Belfrics, BitPesa, and YellowCard.


This is where we will draw the drapes on our discussion on Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Tanzania. I hope you enjoyed the read.

Now tell me:

Which of the exchanges on my list is your most preferred?

Do you know any other exchanges that should have made the list?

Let me know in the comments section right now.

Also, share this post with other bitcoin lovers around you.

Thank you!


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