BluekeyNetwork Review: (Earn 10% weekly) – Is It Legit or Another Ponzi?

In this post, I did a full review of the BluekeyNetwork and the legitimacy of earning 10% from the platform weekly.

BluekeyNetwork is one of the financial services developed by the Bluekey Team which pays individuals as well as corporations 10% weekly return on investment from profits generated from its Forex trading bot.

When I first heard of this platform, I ruled it out as a Ponzi scheme. However, when I researched further and found out banks were involved, I visited its office to get more information.

In this review, I will give you all the info you need to discern for yourself if it is a worthy investment option or not.


BluekeyNetwork Review Summary

My intention is to simplify this post so that even a 10-year-old can understand it. So, to smoothly do this, I will be discussing BlueKeyNetwork under these subheadings.

  1. Bluekey: Company Overview
  2. What is Bluekey Network and how does it work?
  3. How is the 10% weekly ROI Generated?
  4. Accepted Countries and Requirements
  5. Are they Registered and Regulated?
  6. How do I register?
  7. FAQ
  8. Controversy; The EFCC Raid and the CEO Official Statement
  9. Conclusion: Is BluekeyNetwork a Scam?

1. Bluekey: Company Overview

Bluekey is a robust multi-dimensional crypto-financial platform whose aim is to give individuals as well as corporations access to life-transforming financial services using the Ethereum Blockchain.

Team Bluekey is made up of experts in computer science, financial computing, software Engineering, and Blockchain development who have years of experience in lecturing, research, trading, and financial services.

It is headed by Suanu Neenwi who is the Founder/CEO. Mr. Suanu has 10 years’ experience as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic Bori. He has published articles in International Journals on Algorithmic trading using Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network.

Armed with years of experience in Forex trading and computer technology, Suanu was able to develop a trading bot that trades Forex without fail. He called this the Bluekey Breakthrough Trading System (BBTS). He then decided to build a financial ecosystem consisting of 14 financial systems that anyone can access using the Bluekey coin BKY.

The Bluekey Network is one of these systems. All other systems can be accessed from the central website;

Bluekey office is located at Sonia Plaza YKC Junction, Woji-Trans Amadi Road, Port Harcourt Nigeria. It holds Meet-Ups twice a week; Fridays (2 pm – 4 pm) and Sundays (4 pm – 6 pm).

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2. What is Bluekeynetwork and How does it work?

The Bluekeynetwork is an investment platform developed by the Bluekey team. It pays investors 10% of their investment amount in USD weekly for 6 months. At the end of the 6th month, 80% of the initial invested amount will also be sent to the investor.

To further clarify this, if you invest $100, you will receive $10 weekly for 6 months i.e a total of $240. At the end of the 6th month, you will also receive $80 which is 80% of your investment. Thus, for an investment amount of $100, you will receive a total of $320 in 6 months.

Investments and payout are made in the BKY coins. BKY coin can be bought and sold instantly for other cryptocurrencies at Bitfxt, Etherfyer and Shortex. It will be listed on 8 more exchanges before the end of the year.

  • Minimum investment……………..$100
  • Maximum investment……………..$30,000

3. How is the 10% Weekly Return Generated?

The investors’ capital is used to trade Forex using the Bluekey Breakthrough Trading Bot as I explained above. The bot over the past 1 year recorded a 99.9% success rate.

Mr. Suanu has demonstrated how this bot works severalty at the weekly Meet-Ups. The truth is that BBTS generate almost a 100% return monthly and investor are paid 40% monthly.

4. Accepted Countries / Requirements

The BluekeyNetwork currently only accepts investors from 20 countries:

Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey.

To ensure you are not from a non-supported country, BleukeyNetwork requires you submit your government Issued ID card before you can invest.

5. Is Bluekey Registered and Regulated?

The BlueKey is fully registered in Nigeria. It is approved and monitored by the Rivers State government hence why its billboard can be seen across the state. It is currently working on obtaining its license for its Forex Brokerage platform.

6. How do I Register?

  1. Visit BluekeyNetwork and Register
  2. Verify your account by uploading your ID (make sure your ID file size is below 1mb). Click on ‘save’ first then ‘submit’ to get verified.
  3. Enter the BKY wallet address where you will send your Investment from as well as receive your weekly ROI. (You can get this from any of the exchanges where BKY is traded;, and
  4. Click on ‘Invest’ enter the amount you want to invest in dollars and send the equivalent in BKY to the wallet address provided. (to invest, you have to buy BKY from any of the supported exchanges)
  5. Confirm on your bluekeyNetwork dashboard that you have sent the BKY coin. (Once this is done, your investment will be shown as “processing”, once it is confirmed, it will be shown as “Approved’.
  6. Now relax as your weekly earning will be sent to you every week.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Invest more than once?

Yes, you can invest as many times as you want. Each investment you make will start counting from when you made it.

What is the difference Between BluekeyNetwork, BluekeyHedge & Bluekey Investment Club?

BluekeyNetwork pays the dollar equivalent of your investment in BKY irrespective of the price of the BKY.
BluekeyHedge pays 10% of the BKY you invested weekly. Here If the value of BKY doubles, the value of your BKY automatically doubles.
Bluekey Investment Club: Investment here is in Naira, the weekly payout is made directly to your bank account.

Controversy; The EFCC Raid and the CEO Official Statement

On Friday 30 August 2019; EFCC storm the BlueKey’s office and arrested some of the members of its staff but did not meet the CEO.

On Tuesday 3rd of September 2019, I learnt the Bluekey staff members have been released. However, the CEO is now in EFCC custody. He will be released once he meets certain conditions required by the EFCC.


The Bluekey CEO has been released and he made this official statement:

Dear Bluekey Community,

The unfortunate events of the past week disrupted our regular operations and weekly commitments to our community members. You may be aware of the raid of our Woji, Port Harcourt office by operatives of the anti-graft agency.

As a legal corporate entity, we have complied with the agency and provided all required documentation necessary for their scrutiny of Bluekey businesses.

Be rest assured that once the agency completes its investigation, Bluekey will resume weekly payments and continue its forex online and cryptocurrency operations.

Thank you, for your patience, support, and above all, prayers, especially at this moment of transition and testimony. We are here to serve the interest of the Bluekey community via our legitimate course -trading and doing financial market speculations – within the framework of the Nigerian laws.

Once again, thank you. Bluekey is here to CHANGE LIVES.

Suanu NEENWI, President/Founder, BLUEKEY GROUP

8. Conclusion – Is BluekeyNetwork a Scam or Ponzi Scheme?

Websites that guarantees periodic ROI as high as 10% are mostly like scam sites or Ponzi schemes.

We have reviewed lots of them in the scam unmask section of this site. Most of these sites do not make known their owners, they do not have offices, are not registered or regulated. Neither do they have proof of how their ROI is generated.

Bluekey, on the other hand, is a registered company, its office is known as well as its founder. It also holds Meets-Ups twice a week, where questions are answered and a demonstration of how the revenue is generated is seen.

Thus, it’s safe to say that Bluekey is Legit. However, from the recent EFCC raid, the true legitimacy of the BlueKey platform will be proven from how well they come out of it.

At last, we have come to the end of the review, I hope the ride was smooth?

Now it’s your turn to talk to me

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Do you think BlueKey will be able to sustain the 10% weekly payout?

Do you think the Business is legit?

Are you going to invest?

Or maybe you have a question about the BluekeyNetwork.

Just let me know in the comment section.

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please consult a financial expert for financial advice.

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  1. This is explicit. I was about to invest with Bluekey but for the EFCC investigation. I would want to know about the outcome of the EFCC investigation.

    I see Bluekey a legit business especially for working in the Forex and Crypto money market industry.

    I am indeed loving the team for placing Nigeria in the global Forex and Cryptocurrency revolution.

    Jude Umeano, I am a Forex and Cryptocurrency enthusiast; will want to collaborate with you. I trade crypto and an active member of TONOIT community in Nigeria where I receive regular information and updates on 40 coins.


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