BlueKey Presents: The Bluekey e-market

Bluekey is a multi-dimensional platform with a variety of subsidiaries whose major trade is the provision of financial inclusiveness to individuals and co-operations in the world starting with third world nations.

Based in Port-Harcourt (The capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria), Bluekey operates a web of platforms that cut across Blockchain development, financial computing, software engineering, computer science, and funds management (trading in forex, equities, bonds, and derivatives).

With its wealth of resources and expertise, Bluekey has been able to amass the patronage of an array of government agencies, investment banks and brokerage firms who rely on its state-of-the-art financial solutions.

Introducing the Bluekey E-Market

Among Bluekey’s vast array of platforms is an E-market which basically works as a relatively improved peer to peer (P2P) and business to client (B2C) E-commerce platform.

Bluekey’s E-marketplace brings people together, allowing individuals the opportunity to put their items up for sale to interested persons, while businesses reach out to more clients and customers increasing their customer base and bagging more profits.

Bluekey’s major objective is to facilitate the introduction of the new economy (the crypto-economy) to Africans, hence, all transactions between buyers and sellers on the Bluekey E-marketplace are to be powered by the Bluekey coin (BKY).

This makes it the first platform of its kind in Africa.

Update on Bluekey Coin (BKY)

The Bluekey Coin (BKY) is currently trading on However, the team has gone ahead to secure a listing agreement with 2 more exchanges.

The exchanges are;

  • Etherflyer ( Etherflyer recently announced on its twitter handle that BKY will be listed on the 28th of August 2019

✨It’s exciting that BKY/ETH trading pairs will available on 28th August.🤩 @bluekeymarket is an ERC20 & utility token for payments on the👈

— EtherFlyer (@etherflyercom) August 23, 2019

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