The Bluekey Token (BKY) – All You Need to Know

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In this post, you will learn all you need to know about the Bluekey coin (BKY).

I believe you have heard about the Bluekey project and what it seeks to achieve. If you haven’t, I suggest you get yourself properly informed by reading our Bluekey review here.

Today, we will be talking about the Bluekey token (BKY), why it was created, the purpose it will serve, and a look at its chances of appreciating in value within the coming months.

Note that I used tokens and coins interchangeably in this post although they have their differences.

Before going any further, lets pause for a moment to quickly have a look at a brief summary of the Bluekey project.

Bluekey Project Overview 

The Bluekey project is being developed by a team of charismatic experts in the fields of financial computing, blockchain development and software engineering. They intend to create a robust financial system using the Ethereum blockchain with the aim of providing financial inclusion for citizens of developing countries and beyond.

The financial services provided by Bluekey include:

  1. Forex brokerage
  2. Expert digital trading services (Forex and Cryptocurrency trading Training, 24/7 assistance and funds management)
  3. Decentralized loans/lending platform
  4. Simplified digital currency exchange
  5. E-commerce
  6. Subsidized physical office spaces for Bluekey community members (bringing the community together)

It is important to note that Bluekey provides an avenue for the members of its community to invest and earn a steady 10% weekly profit on their investment for 6 months at a time. Making it one of the most lucrative investment platforms on the planet today.

More on the Bluekey project can be found on our Bluekey review

Bluekey Token (BKY)

Having understood what, the Bluekey project serves to achieve, many users find the purpose for its token somewhat difficult to comprehend.

The Bluekey token (BKY) is the fuel that powers the Bluekey platform. It basically serves 3 major purposes.

  1. Platform currency (unifying means of exchange): The Bluekey platform is used by individuals from different nations with different national currencies. The Bluekey token eases their transactions on the Bluekey platform, eliminating international boundaries and currency fluctuations/exchange difficulties.

Fees on the Bluekey platform are to be paid with the Bluekey token as well. Fees such as exchange fees, e-commerce platform fees and fees for offline office spaces.

  1. A means of remuneration: The Bluekey token (BKY) serves as a means for rewarding users on the Bluekey platform. It can be instantly exchanged for other currencies on both the Bluekey exchange and a variety of other major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. A medium of investment: Investments on the Bluekey network are to be made with the platform’s token (BKY), while weekly payouts are made with USD, ETH, or BTC.

It is safe to say that the Bluekey token is the pride of the Bluekey project, as its value stands as a reflection of the project’s success or failure. Efforts to maintain its value and liquidity have been put in place by the team at Bluekey.

As explained in our Bluekey review, Bluekey stands to serve the common man. Bringing premium financial tools to the most remote places that ironically make up the greater world population. It seeks to raise millions out of poverty while creating millionaires within the coming months.

The team at Bluekey headed by Suanu Neenwi has remained steadfast in their bid to surmount the milestones set in the project’s road map and have currently succeeded in surpassing everyone’s expectations with a majority of expert analysts tipping the project to be a huge success on the long run.

BKY Token Distribution

  • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 BKY Erc20 tokens
  • Symbol: BKY
  • IEO price: o.ooo1 USD
  • White Paper: Click here to view

How To Buy The Bluekey Token (BKY)

The process of buying Bluekey’s token either for holding, investment on the Bluekey platform etc… is quite uneasy, I must say.

Firstly, the token is currently listed on just 1 exchange (at the time this review was written). And can only be traded against the BTC.

To buy the BKY, you have to:

  1. Open an account with bitfxt
  2. Buy BTC
  3. Go to the “trade” section at the top right-hand corner
  4. Choose the BTC/BKY trading pair
  5. Trade your BTC for BKY tokens.

You can then move your BKY tokens to the Bluekey platform to invest them for a weekly return on your investment or leave them on your Bitfxt wallet to sell at a higher value.

What the Future Holds for This Project

It is difficult to predict the future of a project in today’s Crypto-space. However, it is a no brainer to predict that a project with a devoted team like Bluekey’s backed by adequate funds, drive and expertise will end up hugely successful. Delivering on its promises of providing financial inclusion to individuals in remote corners of the planet while raising many out of poverty.

The Bluekey investment platform is already active and delivering on its promises of paying a 10% weekly ROI to investors. While many will want this feature to stay out of the public eye and serve only the wealthy, Bluekey is poised at bringing it to the common man trying to grow his wealth.

The world is going digital and Bluekey is taking everyone along. You can be part of this movement today.

Note: Currently, you can only invest in the weekly 10% ROI on BlueKey at their office in Port Harcourt.  However, this program is moving online soon to give this opportunity to a bigger audience. I will be releasing an article in the coming week on how to participate.


I hope I was able to give you all the information you need to know on the BKY coin.

Now it’s your turn,

Are you going to look into this coin and take the opportunity it presents?

Or maybe you have a question you want to ask me about anything I have written,

Either way, let me know in the comment section.

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