Bitcoin Price Weekly Update: 16th September – 22th September 2019

There has been too many inconsistency in bitcoin price movements so far. Bitcoin and the other altcoins have been having a bit of a hard time. We cannot sit and expect things to happen on its own accord. Basically, as we envisaged last week, we didn’t expect much action from bitcoin as the ranging continues. There was a movement from $9,374 to $10,926 before a 61.8% (golden) retracement to $9,937. Bitcoin price is presently at $10,300. A double top has been formed at $10,378 and the market volatility is very low now. This means the next move will be a huge spike, but there is no guarantee if the spike will last long. What to Expect This Week Bitcoin price may break the $10,378 line. If this occurs we will have a higher peak. $10,926 may be the target for conservative traders while higher price level may also be possible for the others
Looking at the technical indicators:     
Major Support Level – $9,937
Major Resistance Level – $10,378

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