Bitcoin Price Weekly Update: 12th-18th August 2019

A new week indeed for us as bitcoin price decided to recess a bit. Basically, we are still having a small performance in the uptrend and should have a run up soonest. We expected bitcoin price to push up a bit before moving to drop, though $12,000 level was touched before pulling back and we hope it moves to our first target, $12,887. Bitcoin price movement has absolutely affected other altcoins and it’s still not too save to trade them against bitcoin because of its imminent bullish trend.

What To Expect This Week

Bitcoin in its self is probably trying to find a good ground for a bounce. This might be on the 10 EMA or at support level $10,769. For those in the trade already, hold on but close the trade if it touches $10,769. Those yet to enter, I suggest you wait till $12,000 resistance is touched and broken before you consider an entry.  
Looking at the technical indicators:     
Major Support Level – $10,769
Major Resistance Level – $12,000

Our Recommended Exchanges for placing Crypto Trades

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